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Is it wrong of me not to give a rat's rump about your religion?

Asked by ibstubro (18804points) September 15th, 2016

How important IS your religion to you?

Does that mean you negate me if I can’t meet you half way?
We can’t be friends because I’m an agnostic?

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No, you don’t have to give a rat’s a$$ about my lack of a religion. And that lack is very important to me. We must both be accepting of each other’s views and/or not talk about it if it might cause tension.

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Not only is it not wrong on your part, you have the right not to be bothered by other people’s religious superstitions. I dearly wish people would just keep it to themselves.

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Nope. Especially if someone is trying to shove your face in it.

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Here is the deal, you don’t have to adhere to my faith, but if you respect it, insomuch you need not give me the full respect, I will respect your agenda, not in an agreeing way, but in a non-damning way. People do not want certain things they believe in spoken of in demeaning or derogatory ways I would say to them if you do not want me to speak of it in those terms then do not speak of God in those terms even if you do not believe in Him. I have friends who have no religion, faith or anyting like it as well as those who have other faiths, if you are respectful, we can get along famously.

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I’m required to treat you with respect regardless of my opinions on your religious delusions. For example, if I accept your invitation to dine at your house, I have no business rolling my eyes while you say grace.

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“Is it wrong of me not to give a rat’s rump about your religion?”

No. In fact, that would be very nice of you.

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Not giving a rat’s rump about my religion is respectful enough. I’d rather you not so obsess over something so ridiculously sensitive that you want a big argument over it. Don’t torture yourself by changing your religion so that it fits mine either.

I’m an agnostic by the way.

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In real life and on the internets, people’s religion does not matter one iota to me. It’s not something we discuss, 99.99% of the time.

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It certainly doesn’t bother me. As a matter of fact it’s kind of a relief.

As to whether or not we can be friends regardless of our differing perspectives on the issue, I don’t see a problem there either.

In real life I have a significant number of long term friends on both ends of the spectrum. This includes atheists, agnostics as well as some with religious views far more extreme than my own. In fact one of them is a lifelong Hare Krishna and aside from the occasional reminder to stop trying to turn me into a vegetarian, we are basically cool with each other.

It’s interesting; she’s not ever trying to turn me into a Krishna but the pressure towards vegetarianism exerts itself from time to time. Kind of funny.

I happen to think that the whole Krishna network is pretty corrupt and manipulative. But I can see why there are certain aspects of the religion itself which meets certain needs of hers and she basically ignores the politics and power manipulation. So it works for her.

But our basic agreement from the beginning has been to respect each other’s choices and to refrain from preaching at each other so our friendship works because there are plenty of other things in life upon which to build a friendship other than religion.

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As long as you keep that shit to yourself it’s all good. Try to shame me because I don’t believe in it and then get ready to get your debate on because you just gave me permission to rip into it.

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I don’t care if you believe the way I do or not. Just be respectful when you are with me and not down my religion by calling Jesus a tooth fairy or the Easter rabbit.
Unless you specifically ask me as we are hanging out I don’t discuss religion, so there should be no problems.

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I think most people feel the same way, religious or non-religious.

The conflict comes from that minority who cannot leave well enough alone and want or insist upon sharing their views with others.

Don’t ask, don’t tell. Live and let live. Words to live by.

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I think that ‘rat’s rump’ really understates it. I would have said “elephant’s ass” – because I really don’t care about anyone’s religion as long as they keep it to themselves.

It’s the chatterers and evangelists that bug me.

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I tend to be fascinated – mesmerized even – by television evangelists. Going back to the days of Jim and Tammy Baker. Robert Schuyler. The Hour of Power. Laying on of hands where dozens of people fall to the floor.
The same way National Geographic fascinates me, I guess.
The guilty pleasure of looking in on strange and unknowable cultures.
Peaceable, though. Not Jerry Falwell.

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It’s up to the people. I mean, I cared about God and stuff, when I was a Christian. But I didn’t give a care when I was pressure into “speaking in tongues,” and all of that ridiculous stuff.
When I brought up my serious doubts about the resurrection and the virgin birth, etc., I didn’t care that the people I mentioned it to were just scandalized.
I just didn’t bring it up again.

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Why not? I don’t care about yours.

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Well, @Pachy, an elephant rump carries a lot more weight than a rat’s ass!

And I love Gospel music! Amazing Grace is SO much more powerful than TSSBanner!

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