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Does anyone has Cyanogen OS on their mobile phone?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) September 23rd, 2016

Curious to know how it is? Is it worth considering as replacement of existing Android Version with its latest features / customizations?

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I have in the past, on earlier phones. I didn’t particularly care for it, or the design decisions they made. It seemed like they did things a certain way because it wasn’t standard Android, not because it was good or made sense. (I last dumped Cyanogen about 2 years ago.

Depending on your phone, there may be better options. And the standard Android releases, particularly for Nexus phones, have gotten much better.

Keep in mind that Cyanogen himself left the Cyanogen project, and that Cyanogen company is in the process of falling apart, so this may not be a good long term idea.

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I did, but then my phone turned blue and died of respiratory failure. ;-(

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I’m pretty sure that @jerv does since he’s made reference to it often. If you want the straight scoop on it, shoot him a PM.

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Ok.. Thanks for the info..)

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