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Have you ever made any fermented foods?

Asked by azlotto (2446points) September 24th, 2016

If so, what did you ferment?

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Pop . I kept a fountain pop in my locker in high school for a few months . I accidentally drank some. Yuck.

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Not on purpose. I have let juice stay in the fridge too long to the point where it went bad and seemed to turn to alcohol.

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@RedDeerGuy1…Lol…I’ve drank hot pop, not good…Thanks for your answer :)

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@elbanditoroso…“seemed to turn to alcohol.”...Is that a bad thing?...jk…Thanks for your answer :)

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I think everyone who went to university in the 1970’s made at least one fermented food – yogurt.

Every guy I dated in the 1980’s made either beer and/or wine.

Today’s thing is kombucha. Everyone seems to be swapping kombucha starter.

The generations just in front of mine and immediately after mine seemed to be into friendship cake starter.

Whole lot of fermenting going on if you ask around.

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Made plenty of beer

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Hard cider





In college we fermented malted barley and “borrowed” a distilling tube from Chem Lab added mint for a home made “Crème de menthe”.

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I have not myself. I’d like to make sauerkraut.

My mother made pickles. Little sweet bread and butter pickles in pint jars and big kosher garlic dills.

My brother has the giant crock for dills, it must hold 4 gallons. He pickles cucumbers and tomatoes.

Anyway, I’ve read that sauerkraut is easy. Sounds like a good fall project.

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@BellaB…I also make yogurt…Thanks for your reply.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me…You’re talking my language. :)

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@Call_Me_Jay…Sauerkraut isn’t hard to make…and a lot better than the stuff out of a can.

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Oh, yogurt. I’ve made that. Many years ago. Hmmmm. I should do that again.

This blog says that making yogurt is really cheap compared to store-bought. I like cheap.

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I tried making chutney once. It wasn’t very good chutney.

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@Call_Me_Jay…Yogurt isn’t hard to make.

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