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Are you covered in tats but never been to jail?

Asked by rem1981 (393points) September 24th, 2016

It used to be if you had tattoos you were tough. When did that change and why?

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Shaolin Monks have tats, and they don’t cause trouble.

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I have six, I’ve never been to jail, and I am incredibly tough.
Those three facts are not connected.
At all.

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is there a relationship between tats and jail?

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I know a lot of people with tattoos, and none of them has ever been to jail. Most are scientists. It seems that the more your job relies on your brain, the less it matters how you display your body.

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Maori society might take great exception to your premise.

I do not have any tattoos, yet when I was younger I spent an occasional night in jail sleeping it off.

Going to jail does not equal toughness. It means you got caught.

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My tats are all done in flesh tones, never spent a day in jail but drive by one about once a month and yes I am Badass!

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My sister has a tattoo of her dog on her foot since that was the only place left that wouldn’t be visible during a job interview.

She has never been to jail.

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My hometown has jails, prisons and penitentiaries. Hard to avoid going to them for one reason or another. I’ve got some ink. I’m undercooked, not tough.

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I think one bad ass with a tattoo, was the main character from Dan Browns the Lost Symbol. He was a bad ass. Looking for the last tattoo to become a god and killing everyone in his path.

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I have a tattoo on my face.
Of my own face.

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The keyword is covered. Robert De Niro in Cape Fear is a perfect example of being covered in tats. Weren’t tattoos a lot cooler when only guys like that were covered in them?

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I hesitate to call anyone who has spent a long enough in prison to be covered in toothpaste tattoos “cool”.

Tattoos done out of choice, design, personal expression, and aesthetic are much cooler than tattoos done out of boredom and/or necessity.

I currently have no tattoos, but I’d like to have some.

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No. And yes. I did spend one night in a jail cell but I wasn’t under arrest and was released the next morning.

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I don’t have any tattoos, I have spent a night in jail.

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~do you have a butt shaped tattoo of a butt on their butt.

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I have no Tats. No convictions. No criminal record.
Why put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?

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I have lots of friends who have spent time in prison. Most ink was done outside of prison though. One of my friends met a great tattoo artist while in for a few months. He mainly does what most would probably refer to as biker ink. But he’s very talented, and has done lots of good work for me.

Some tattoos indicate prison, or represent time served. For instance.
A spider web on your elbow, or really anywhere is usually symbolic of that. Sometimes you can tell how long they were in by counting parts of the spaces between the webbing.

Tattoos mean different things to different people. Certainly gang tats could mean one thing to one gang, and something else to another gang.

The number 13 is often used to give homage to the Mexican mafia. As most branches originated from it. Obviously these are Hispanic gangs.

%1 usually indicates a tie to a motorcycle gang.

Some people are getting their whites of their eyes filled in now. Pretty sure prison is the only place you can get that done currently.

Oh yeah. I’ve been arrested, and detained a lot but never served time in. Community service.

But now I’m a good boy;)

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I don’t have any tattoos. I never associated tattoos only with jail. When I was younger I associated them with people who had been overseas in the military, and people who road motorcycles. I guess people who had spent time in jail had them too, but the thought had never crossed my mind. I assume even people who have spent time in jail who have tattoos, got the tattoos outside of jail. Maybe gang members get a gang tat?

Just as I was getting done with college (I graduated in 1990) there seemed to be a big surge in young, middle class girls, getting tattoos. I don’t think any of my close friends have tattoos. No one I have ever dated has had a tattoo. I do know people who have tattoos, they just aren’t in my closest inner circle.

No one in my family has a tattoo, but we are Jewish, so that makes us less likely anyway. To clarify, only one of my close friends is Jewish, so religion isn’t a factor for them.

When I see someone has a tattoo I don’t assume much of anything, except to say when a teenager gets one in a place that is difficult to cover up I feel they made a mistake. I also think girls with lower back tats, no matter their intention, send a message to men. I don’t judge it, I’m just stating a fact. I used to love wearing high heals, as I got older I realized that probably sends a message too, where I always just liked how it looked and was used to wearing them.

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I have no tattoos. The most bad ass thing I did when it came to the police in a police station was that I stripped my clothes off in protest of being brought in for a domestic disturbance. He was the abuser, but he was also…..... duh duh daaaaa… a cop. So, they brought ME in and not him. I was released with no charges filed. A week or so later, I went in and talked to his Sargent. I later heard he never made it past much more than traffic duty and baton instructor and retired out early. That’s how bad-ass I am.

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@cazzie is one bear eating BMF. I don’t envy the ones who cross her. Some would call it admiration, but I respect her. I understand why @Seek would marry you. Lol.

That’s also one reason we’re so mad at cops in the US right now. They cover up for each other. (Not all cops are bad, so let’s not go there.)

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