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Why are people down on humanity?

Asked by josie (30926points) November 19th, 2016

As I see it, humanity’s faults are fairly consistent as the centuries go by.
But humanity’s virtues continue to expand
-empathy is recognized As a uniquely human trait
-the governed are recognized as more sovereign than the government
– the church and state are recognized as two separated interests
-slavery is recognized as immoral
-women are recognized as partners in politics and production

Like the stock market, the human virtue seems to consistently
trend upwards.
But it seems like a lot of people want to focus on fault, not virtue.

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Get back to me in four years if we want to be USAcentric.

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I think that’s a good answer. But not totally certain.
But here is your lurve anyway

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I’m mostly concerned about the supreme court and the fucking of roe and marriage equality. I get that you would probably like those to go away but I kinda like them.

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If it were trending upward, it just took a HUGE dive. Hopefully it isn’t as bad as most think. But the US has definitely regressed in many areas. And it’s recent presidential election results would point to the country being far worse off than thought.

If you’re upbeat right now, you might be hopelessly optimistic, and potentially blond, and deaf.

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We aren’t “down” on humanity, for the most part. But we are self reflecting and willing to look at what we can do to be better.

In so many ways humanity is better than we wer e ten, twenty, thirty, forty years ago. And humanity is self aware enough to realize we have far to go. We are more conscious now how we treat the earth, but still have much work to be done to overcome denial and intransigence.

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“As I see it, humanity‚Äôs faults are fairly consistent as the centuries go by.”
Well, the faults may be the same, but as we “succeed” at dominating the bejeezus out of the planet, and concentrating more and more power in ever-growing organizations that are trying to constantly maximize their imaginary wealth, and as we grow in population and technology and so on, we have been screwing up the planet more and more. First agriculture, then industrialization were major shifts in the degrees and methods of our domination and removal of natural ecosystems. Now overpopulation and the lack of regard of too many of our decision-making processes is squeezing out what’s left of the ecosystems that support our own life (and the existence of many other species and environments).

That’s one of main reasons why I’m down on us. We’re killing off other species and ruining our planet and may be going to kill ourselves off, because we aren’t growing out of our stupid “wealth” competitions and other outdated ideas that are leading us to destroy our own planet for fucktarded reasons.

“empathy is recognized As a uniquely human trait”
– by backwards humans without enough empathy for non-humans

“the governed are recognized as more sovereign than the government”
– where? Iceland, sometimes? Humanist conversations?
– I recognize that this should be the case, but I also recognize that it’s used as an idea to placate people whilst corporations corrupt our governments and news media so they can continue and increase corporate rights and destruction of the planet.

“slavery is recognized as immoral”
– yet still practiced, and not effectively cracked down on
– wage slavery is denied

“women are recognized as partners in politics and production”
how impressive. That must’ve been quite a feat. We still have to catch up with pre-Roman-Empire Europe… Meanwhile in the USA we have to fight off all sorts of backward misogynistic policies and crap. I hear some of our leaders in Texas think we need laws to make women carry dead fetuses to term and hold the fetuses religious services. Never mind India or Pakistan or the various countries from which Fluther and other QA sites fairly regularly gets questions from young women almost too terrified to be discovered asking how they can do basic things like get an education or have a boyfriend or get out of forced marriages or not get stoned to death…

“Like the stock market, the human virtue seems to consistently
trend upwards.”
– Great analogy. Refer to the imaginary game that is driving planetary destruction and exploitation of everything for the sake of increasing the wealth of the already-wealthy forever, as a metaphor for our upward climb.

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Oh, and the reason for all of that, is like the purpose of screaming when a driver doesn’t he’s about to drive everyone off a cliff.

That is, it’s because humans should know better and do better, and some of us are disgusted that we aren’t improving faster, and afraid that we’re all going to become extinct or that the world of our grandchildren is going to be unrecognizable miserable compared to the one we were born into, because of this.

Or for those with different concerns than mine, I think it tends to still be a call/demand for improvement.

For some of course they’re just done, at least when they’re saying that, but mainly I think it’s the above.

Criticism and upset.

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Who wouldn’t want to relish on the grandeur of nihilism? At least it’s more realistic and make your mind at peace.

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All that improvement is the result of intense focus on those faults.

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@Unofficial_Member Nihilism is the disgusting height of intellectual cowardice, as are all forms of cynicism and pessimism. It’s also laziness. Relish in it if you want, while the rest of humanity strives to better itself. Good luck in your pursuit of happiness.

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^Why be so hard on someone believing in nothing?

You know I like you EC ,but what’s wrong with seeing everything as a deception? At least at first. You can’t tell me you trust people on first take. Or you wouldn’t have made it this far with your self described lifestyle.

Bottom line is that “people are down on humanity,” because ‘humanity’ is in a downward spiral…..

I’m not sure what happened. We were headed in the right direction, and then it went sideways…..

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Because being a cynical ass is being “serious”, “mature” and “realistic”. We were shown that in the media numerous.times: optimistic people are shown as immature ans stupid, and cynics are serious, smart ones.

@MrGrimm88 “It was better before” has already been said by every old geeser ever. It doesn’t mean it’s true. It’s bullshit, in fact. There was never the golden age that we fell astray from. You are fooling yourself, not the other people.

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Your question was a tad disjointed for me at least at this hour so I will speak to this part of it… _“But it seems like a lot of people want to focus on fault, not virtue.
I feel for the most part, people are unaccepting of their own shortcomings and channel their frustrations through the cause Du Jure or anothers’ mis-steps and/or faults. Our country has turned into a Nanny State and celebrates mediocrity….that way almost everybody can be deemed successful and feel legitimate. Handing out participations for everyone is the apex of this trend.

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People who are down on humanity tend to be down on fucking everything, the sort of people who suck the life out of a room & are only happy when whining on & on & on &...
Stay well clear.

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Individuals, in general, are pretty good.

Humanity (i.e. groups of individuals) are stupid. They act as mobs.

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Because of human history.

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People down on humanity fundamentally have the same issue, they just need to get laid.

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Self loathing projected onto humanity as a whole.

“I’m a fun hating loser who feels guilty all the time, you should be one too.”


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You’re asking me? I thought we were the best we’d ever been. Apparently conservatives thought everything was awful and that they needed to elect the equivalent of a brick through the window. I thought things were going okay. Not anymore.

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The stock market doesn’t trend upward on its own, and neither does virtue. Both require effort and the constant weeding out of what doesn’t work. It’s hard to get better if you just hang on to your faults.

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I suppose it’s easy to malign everything when one is not happy with the state of something. I saw this thing on Facebook where it says, “people back in the day used to work in order to live comfortably, but now we work merely to survive”.

I agree it’s not always easy, but hearing from my grandma and what it was like when she was working, that quote is complete bullshit. All I know is that I’m glad I live in the time period in which I do.

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Because we are killing the planet and ourselves and nobody seems to give a shit.

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^ Yes, I’m killing myself.

I have determined for ME that this is acceptable.

Who are you to criticize my decision to do so?

Jesus Christ, where do people get off anymore?

Society is descending further into madness.

“Do it now, tomorrow it might be illegal.”

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For many, it’s just another kind of virtue signalling, and their words mean little, since their plans or stated intent to “cure” the world of the “human virus” never includes the elimination of themselves or their own families.

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