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What were the habits you had in childhood for which you were punished?

Asked by imrainmaker (8365points) November 22nd, 2016

Someone asked about good stuff. Now it’s time for some annoying habits you had for which you were punished by your parents / teachers etc. So what were those things?

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I was a picky eater. My food could not touch and if it did, I wouldn’t eat it. I had to sit at the table until I ate. I never would. So then I went without dinner. But my dad would sneak in a peanut butter sandwich to me after I was sent to bed. I think he was worried that I didn’t eat.

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I remember being scorned for daydreaming regularly in 4–6 grade by my teachers.

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Drawing on my work sheets during class. Incidentally the ’‘meanest’’ teacher was the only one who never said anything, except to my dad at a teacher/parents meeting, and she said she liked all the doodles.

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In school I’d get in trouble for talking too much in class. At home…hmm…..honestly I don’t remember anything much.

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Taking too long in the shower in swim class. I was left behind.

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I was very good at being clever and charming people while doing whatever I wanted. Parents and teachers. No, I am not a sociopath I was just clever and 2 steps ahead of everyone. lol

I talked too much in class, cut PE classes a lot in high school and was one of “those” kids that was repeatedly told how bright they were if they would just really apply themselves. haha

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Playing game excessively. I remember that my dad has to confiscate my Sega and then my ps1 as I would sneak playing them even at night.

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Wanting to spend time and play cards with my sister. I was forced to play 52 card pick-up.

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Talking in class.

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Talking too much, reading at night when I was supposed to be asleep, talking back/arguing.

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I was very rarely punished. Maybe once or twice because I didn’t clean my room. Punishment would be not being allowed to watch TV.

One time as a teen I went away for the weekend and lied where I was going. I got caught and couldn’t see my boyfriend for two weeks. That’s not a habit though.

I had detention once or twice for passing notes in class or talking in class, I don’t remember.

That’s it.

I had friends who were punished and grounded constantly and I thought that was the oddest thing when I first found out that happens.

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I really can’t list. The list is just too long. I had so much behavior problems as a kid and my parents were such perfectionists that no day went by without any punishment.

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^^ That’s sad..

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I was full of questions, which didn’t sit well with my parents, as I would hear a random word and then demand to know what it meant. I remember asking stuff like “Dad, what does the word “f*cking” mean?” or “Mom, what is erotica?” or “Does it really hurt when you deliver a child?”. I was usually told to shut up, so I gradually stopped asking them anything.
At class, I was a bit too active. If I knew the answer, I would not be able to shut up and let others say it. The only “punishment” I remember was when the teacher screamed at me to shut it and let the others say the answer.
Basically, my only and biggest problem was the inability to keep my mouth shut. As I got older, I finally did shut up. For good. Kinda.

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@RedDeerGuy1 Why was it bad to play cards with your sister?

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I was messy as a teenager, so I’d have to clean my room before I had company or was allowed out of the house. As a kid, I can’t remember. Perhaps I was rewarded for my anorexia/bulimia with a ulcer, but no one knew the extent to which I was self harming with caffeine tablets and antihistamine, so I wasn’t punished by my parents, just my own body.

I got spanked by my mother for defending myself against my sisters verbal abuse. She was and still is a bully.

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(My sister is a bully, not my mom.)

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^^ Good that you have mentioned..)

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Not watching where I was going while riding my bike. My parents didn’t punish me, though. A parked car did.

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