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What pen does not bleed to other side of page?

Asked by workaholic (194points) July 14th, 2014

I’m using a Moleskine notebook and am looking for a pen I can write with that won’t bleed or even make any appearance on the other side of the page.

(And before any one suggests, I don’t want to get a notebook with pages made of thicker paper.)

Thanks in advance!

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Ball point pens…

And no offense but to completely disregard the paper type and blowing others suggestions off of using different paper material seems kind of arrogant and ignorant…

Moleskin paper is pretty thick as it is, but it’s not bleed proof

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Is this a serious question?

Ball point pens don’t bleed.

Actually, those pens that are more like markers that do bleed really should not be used, especially on legal documents, checks, and other forms that if the form gets wet would ruin the information or a signature.

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I should’ve clarified that this is probably a specialized question for notebook/stationery-philes maybe. I know there are pens out there, not ballpoint, that are so light that they don’t even make any dent or slight appearance on the other side. I just don’t know where to get them or what they are.

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@workaholic Try a specialty art store or a scrap booking store.

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Moleskines are lovely notebooks; I use them often. However, there is a trade-off involved – you really can’t use fountain pens or rollerball pens. So, semi-expensive notebook requires a cheap-ass pen.

I’m being a little sarcastic here. I normally use a Bic, but I do occasionally pick up a high-end ballpoint. You can get nice ones if you look around. People use them for drawing.

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