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Can you tell the difference between potatoes @ $1/per pound and $1/5 pounds?

Asked by YARNLADY (44437points) January 7th, 2017

I have tried both, and I cannot.

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One is mass produced, the other from smaller farms? Also the “Bio” label.

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I very much doubt I could tell the difference from look or taste.

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I can tell the difference between russets @ $1/5 lbs, and yukon golds @$1/lb.

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I have the luxury of being a bachelor in a city with a dozen grocery stores near my place. I have time to shop around.

Whole Foods sells the most blemish-free fancy stuff at a very high price.

The fruit & vegetable store sells slightly cosmetically damaged stuff at 50% the Whole Foods price.

My local little grocer sells the old stuff (the tomatoes are starting to wrinkle) at 25%.

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Is the packaging the same? My local grocery shrink-wraps potatoes (3 to a package) and slaps a ‘organically grown’ label on it, and sells those for double the price. Could that have something to do with it?

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Yes. One is more expensive than another.

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Sometimes there’s a basis for prices, and sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes prices are backwards, just plain high, or a bargain.

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Usually the cheaper ones come in a big bag, while the more expensive ones are sold individually.

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But do they taste any different?

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On average they taste the same, but you can choose really good ones if you pick individually.

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