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Which password manager do you use?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32729points) February 9th, 2017

I tried one a few years ago and got freaked out. I had one site that required sign ins at different levels, and the password manager could not cope. I deleted it.

I’m thinking of trying it again.

What do you use?

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I use LastPass. It’s pretty good, except sometimes it logs me out and my password for whatever site I am trying to enter doesn’t appear. I don’t put any banking/financial passwords in there and they are unique to anything else I log into. I use a totally unique password for LastPass too. There are so, so many things we need passwords for these days and I used to use the same one for pretty well everything. Now it generates the password and stores it.

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I keep the file in a Dropbox folder, so its synced on all computers and phones I use.

It’s not build into the browser. It’s a separate program. But it can type into browser text boxes for you when you click Control-V.

You can also customize the sequence for individual entries for things like a user name on one page and password on a second page.

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I have wanted to love a password manager for so long. But I have never been happy with one.

So I just use openssl rand -base64 20 in the terminal and it will output something like qBHUROM6LoVuQrdfcNexFmKKqYU=

Then I toss in some stuff like qBHUROM6LoVuQrdfcNexFmKKqAMAYU= to let me know that is my password for Amazon. I just keep this in a text file on my desktop and on paper in my physical wallet.

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Notepad. The straight-forward method has never betrayed me.

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In my head.. That’s the safest one without any fear of being backed..)

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I keep mine on paper in a small notebook. I do not store them online.

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There are password managers!!!! Think of the sticky notes I could have saved…..

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All my passwords are in a notebook kept in a drawer at my computer desk.

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I have them on paper and in the notepad on my tablet.

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@Hawaii_Jake I have “1Password” and really like it. Trust it. Worth it.

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A paper notebook is my password manager.

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I have them in a book along with phone numbers.

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Another +1 for “1Password” I use it for my personal logins and have a separate one for the office where we keep our business accounts. It’s not cheap, but I don’t mind supporting developers making quality software.

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