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Cheap GPS?

Asked by aanuszek1 (2290points) August 8th, 2008

I need a GPS to use for Geocacheing. It should be very basic, no bells and whistles, I would like to be able to enter in coordinates and be pointed in a direction. Any recommendations?

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A website called The GPS Store has a product finding assistant. Select the features you want the GPS unit to have (from Geocaching to automotive to marine use) and it will show you which units are compatible. Click here for the product finding assistant.

I found this info in 1.5 minutes on Google (no joke). Put in a little research of your own and I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for much more quickly than waiting for someone else to find your answer for you ;-)

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I bought an etrex legend. Works for me! It was $100, but it doesn’t show topo. I figured that if we really loved geocaching, in a year we could upgrade.

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@dtone – i disagree with your suggestion. If i am not mistaken, I think aanuszek would like to get recommendations from people who have actually BOUGHT a similar product and what were there experiences with the product. he/she is free to ask such Qs on fluther, because that’s the whole point of the community sharing their experiences. I would also recommend that he/she check for gps products on amazon and read the numerous customer reviews there.

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I was wrong, that etrex was $149! Ooops! Buy a used one from someone who upgraded. Go to the forums for one of the geocaching groups in your state, and put out a post to see if someone who upgraded wants to sell you their old one.

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