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What are some words that you don't know the meaning of?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (17713points) March 17th, 2017

Abridged and tsk I just found out what they are.

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Shortened, summarised.

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All of them. I use them simply because I’ve seen them around and assume their meaning.
But I rarely look in the dictionary, if ever.

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I’ve had to look up more words recently than normal because of my change of job. It in the medical field so I have to work out what all these new words mean

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i remember at one point i didnt know what spontaneous meant everyone kept putting and saying it and i was thinking what the hell is that… now i use it qutie alot and realize i was abit daft..

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If there were any words that I knew whose meaning I was unsure of, I would have looked them up in a dictionary.

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Yes, many medical and scientific terms.

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I always heard magicians saying- “Aabra ka dabra—gili gilgi chooooo” what does this means?

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