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How do you pull up a listing of all sub pages on a particular website?

Asked by calculatedrisk (24points) August 9th, 2008

Hey there internet gurus… I used to know how to show all of the sub pages on a website but now I have forgotten… Can anyone remind me how this is done?

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From “errol-ga” on Google Answers:

“If an index file such as “index.html, .htm, .php, .asp” or “default.htm, .asp” is present in the folder root then the server will refuse to give out a directory listing.
This is hard coded into the server configuration files and is impossible to get around.”

Basically, without using a program (which is possibly illegal), there is no way to get a list of files in a directory – except when the server allows a directory list to be accessible (usually only when there is no index page in the directory and the setting to show directory pages is turned on).

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