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Can a Macbook Air work without battery?

Asked by manuel_alarcon (299points) May 26th, 2017

It’s common for a normal pc notebook to work plugged to power but with no battery; I have a macbook air with a broken battery.

Since the battery is not user removable (sort of speak) and its a relatively new notebook, probably it was a short-circuit caused by the charger; we’ve replaced it, but the battery still doesn’t charge, so it is like the battery was gone; my question is: If I remove the battery for testing, can the Mac work normally? does it maintain memory, cache or time?

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Never tried it but a quick search on the apple forums says yes only the processor will be running at half speed. I’d repeat the search with your exact model.

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Get thee to the Mac Genius Bar or to your trusted repair specialist. Sounds like you need a new battery.

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I“m sorry to high jack this question – but is fluther down at all?
I can’t ask any questions – continue button doesn’t work so I have to ask here! So sorry OP!

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Yes @LeavesNoTrace I do need a new battery. But my doubt is, can the old battery be repaired? Should I throw it away without even look at it? maybe just a short-circuit “unblocks” the battery…

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The battery is sealed. You would have to open it up, find the bad spot, then put it back together. Much easier to send it in for recycling. The lithium is valuable.

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You really don’t want to mess with trying to repair a lithium battery. Just get a new one but don’t recycle the old one until the new one is installed and working. There is always the off chance that the charging circuit is bad.

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@RocketGuy I dont mean to actually open the battery; just one try to see if it can be recovered; if not, recycle it. I will buy a new battery nonetheless.

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