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Having issues with Fluther site?

Asked by imrainmaker (8347points) June 17th, 2017

Are you experiencing this issue today? It is showing plain site content without any background as usual on both desktop / mobile version. Is something major broken on the UI side?

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Mine’s ok – on tablet.

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Things are fine for me. I’d suggest trying a different browser.

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^^ Tried Firefox and it’s working fine over there. Still broken in chrome.

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Not advertising but it seems to load faster than chrome. They have launched new version of Firefox with improved speed.

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I had a problem with every browser on multiple devices and it cleared up in the last few days but it was intermittent before that so I don’t doubt that you are having a problem.

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Couldn’t ask a question on my tablet tonight.

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Mine was broken like you said – I thought it was my modem which was also freaking out that day.

I am having two other problems today:

* First, I can’t seem to ask a question. The first button after typing a title does nothing.

* Second (much less serious) sometimes the Great Question button display is messed up for questions which I haven’t voted for. The button divider appears over the word Question, and then the points, like:

Great Questio|n3 Points

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Mine wont let me ask a question, June 18, 20017
Safari. or chrome.

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I wasn’t been able to ask a question June 15 Friday 16 /2017 and today June 18 on desktop
2)The ipad M3TOUCH (maybe another ipad too) the mobile and Desktop tabs not there at the bottom, Fluther just shows up on desktop version.
3) The @ in the answer box doesn’t give the list of people in the thread sometimes.
4)When you click on my activity for you questions it doesn’t show up at the last answer as it used to I have to scroll down.

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[Mod says] Thanks for sharing the details, everyone. We’ve let Ben know. Stay tuned.

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Mine was failing to take questions June 17 on Windows 7 (64-bit) Firefox 53.0.3 (32-bit).
Today 6/18 after a reboot, it seems to work. Weird.

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Just to let y’all know that it started working again in chrome for me!!!

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I think you’re describing what I was experiencing. It’s working fine right now….

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Ben did some magic. Things seem to be fine now.

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Yay for Ben’s magic! :-)

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I tried a few tablets today, and 2 Androids (same in every way it looks like) and one iPad had no “Mobile” Desktop” but another one had it.
Also on one of them ΒΌ of the right part of Fluther not there. And it went haywire when tryin

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