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Do you think this is appropriate (Details inside)?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) July 8th, 2017

As per news story on G20 Summit Ivanka sat on President Trump’s seat briefly along with world leaders. What are your thoughts on this?

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You don’t want to know my thoughts on that.

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Yes. Donald might have had to pee. Or had official business to tend too. I don’t see it like a civilian sitting in Jean Luc Picards chair.

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According to the article, she did the same other people did anyways, so it’s not that big of a deal. When other leaders had to leave for a while, other people had to sit instead of them too.

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Maybe Chump and (Ras)Putin had to step out and chug a lug some vodka.

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A chair is a chair.

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What a fucking disaster!
I shall become reclusive now, in shame.

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Thanx @Patty_Melt for more no answers.

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Better than Donald sitting there, but I’d really prefer a family pet, the youngest child Barron, or a bucket of moose dung to be in the chair representing us.

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I believe when people step in, it’s usually a high-ranking state official. I can’t see how Ivanka fits that bill.

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Your link also states that when Ivanka changed seats, the topic specifically pertained to her work.

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Another interesting take on whether Ivanka is qualified to take the President’s seat during such events.

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Okay. So, I am confused on the topic. Was it something that would help Ivanka accomplish something for others, or was it something which she hoped would make her a profit?

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Let’s see if we can turn this “event” into one worthy of the the National Examiner. Go!

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This brings to mind an American who was never an elected official, behaved in a political capacity, was ridiculed for his less than classy attire.
Ben Franklin, when he visited France was ridiculed for his pioneer garb. He was so charming, and unusual, he popularized coonskin caps in France, seduced prominent ladies of society, and gained French support for the plight of Americans.
Just sayin’.

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All I can say in response to that, @Patty_Melt, is that it’s a damn good thing that we don’t rely so much upon French society any more.

You’re right, though. Ben Franklin was also one of the first rock-star scientists. In an era of very slow and poor communication, especially across national boundaries, he was one of the first ever scientists of international renown. In addition to which, of course, he had made a lot of money – legally, and not through plunder, robbery or extortion, or inheritance from others who had.

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@imrainmaker Let’ see, hm I am sure there are many who will make something evil about this. Why not get a life?

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This isn’t the first time Trump has had his family step in for meetings with other nations. I can recall at least one other moment, earlier in his presidency, where he had Jared be the US representative at a meeting, which I’m vaguely remembering having representatives of other nations present. I feel like it may have happened more than twice, but I can’t recall anything specifically.

When Trump became President, he became an employee and representative of the people of the United States. These kinds of in-family hand-offs seem to indicate that Trump wants extensions of himself in these meetings, not extensions of the US government. Ivanka and Jared represent the Trump brand more than they represent US interests, yet Trump has given them roles in the White House that are beyond what their resumes would merit. So yes, that bothers me.

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It’s a polite and clever thing to do. Plopping a young and relatively innocuous person in that chair lessens the speculation that the notoriously brusque Trump deliberately wasted the valuable time of world leaders to make some statement about his own overblown importance. Serving the kid up as hostage relieves the tension around his tardy appearance. If she’d passed around baby photos, the effect would have been complete. The man is 71 years old. It’s probably just an urgent potty call.

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Jared and Ivanka are both official employees of the WH in advisory positions to the president. If she covered the entire summit and Donald never showed up I would be more concerned. As a fill in for a brief period this doesn’t rise to much of a concern.

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He was not going potty. He had a scheduled meeting with Joko Widodo.

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He went potty years ago.

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