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How much salt are you consuming on daily basis?

Asked by imrainmaker (8375points) August 22nd, 2017

Do you avoid eating high salt content items? How do you ensure to consume only upto a level which is not harmful for your body?

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Probably more than I should. I try to pay attention at times but lately I haven’t cared. haha
I had a baked potato today, fully loaded with all sorts of salty goodness.

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I rarely add salt to my foods, never to precooked items. Eggs and potatoes get a little, when I am at home making my own.

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Not much. I’ve avoided it since being a teen, mostly, except when I don’t. I find that not eating much salt has me notice it much more when something does have salt, and seems more salty than it otherwise would. Before that, I sometimes craved salt and added it to food. After cutting back, I almost entirely stopped craving it. Now I hardly ever add salt to food, though I use a bit in cooking, mostly because others want more than I do. Much American processed / industrial food (cans, frozen stuff, etc) has more salt than it needs already, but I avoid most of that. I don’t have a numeric limit or track it – I just mostly avoid it by habit, with an occasional processed food or salty snack here or there.

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I don’t use a lot of salt. I’ve been instructed to increase my salt intake. I spend a lot of time with someone who has high blood pressure and got used to not cooking with much salt and no added salt at the table. Now I seem to have electric problems between heart and brain and they say eat more salt. Geesh!

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I don’t even pay attention to it until I taste something either too salty or too bland. I don’t usually spice things up with salt, I use things like hot sauce

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They say 75% of your salt intake is from processed foods. I do use salt at the table but don’t eat a lot of processed foods (fast food, frozen food, canned foods).

I laugh when people make comments about me using the salt shaker and yet they will also say they ate at the diner last night, or Boston Market or whatever and tell me how they had macaroni and cheese and stuff like that.

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Probably more than I ought.

I put salt on eggs and meat when I eat it. I avoid processed foods, so I don’t get it there. But between tortilla chips (one of the basic food groups) and soups, I get more salt than needed.

Canned soup is notorious for over salting, yet I find soup from a deli or a market or even a restaurant that makes its own is just as bad.

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I’m going to keep track for a few days and report back. I’m curious.

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I put salt on my food sometimes – not every meal – but rarely have processed foods or eat out. Some salt is necessary but not the vast quantities that a Western diet can easily contain

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Too damn much I’m sure!

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Not an issue for me. My blood pressure is fine and I salt things to the extent I want.

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@imrainmaker I am very aware of salty foods. I take meds for hi blood pressure. I rarely put salt on anything. I enjoy my food and do not feel deprived.

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I think I’m at around 800 right now. It’s 5:00pm. I’ll probably have a small meal tonight, which will most likely contain around another 300–400 if I had to guess.

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I have never bought salt unless it was rock salt. And that was to make ice cream or keep the maggots away.

I have no salt shaker in my house. I never add it to anything. But I eat a fuckton of processed foods so I am sure I get way more than I should.

We used to go to the Goshen Truck Stop with my grandpa a lot for breakfast and I was always repulsed by how he ate. He would pretty much get pancakes, hash browns, eggs, and toast. Then cover that shit in salt and pepper and Tabasco. Then he would mix it up into a nasty soup and go to town. It was repulsive.

I am very picky about foods touching each other. If syrup touches my hash browns I will cut of the contaminated part and set it aside.

But grandpa loved the salt so much his doctor warned him. And one day when grandpa was at work and he had a heart attack. He died about a week later in the hospital.

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Sodium is hard to avoid in the American diet since it’s in things you don’t even think about being “salty” such as deserts, bread, and especially processed food and restaurant-prepped meals. I find that the only way to really reduce my intake is to prep my own meals, but since so much of having a social life in my city is revolves around dining out, it’s not always easy.

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FYI, when I got diagnosed with my hypothyroid condition I called Stouffer’s frozen and Campbell’s soup and asked if the sodium they use has iodine. It doesn’t. Probably none of the packaged foods do. The more packaged foods you eat, probably the less table salt you use.

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@JLeslie Yeah, the moment I read a sodium label on a can of soup about five years ago, I never touched it again. As tempting as the Progresso soups can be, I stay far, far away from those and pre-packaged frozen foods. (Except sometimes I can’t resist the Bell & Evans all white meat chicken tenders when they go on sale.)

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I remember going to the doctor with my grandmother, when I was little, and he would tell her “don’t eat canned soups. They’re just fat and salt.” That always stuck in my head and to this day, I’ll only really eat canned soups if I’m desperate (like snowed in) or of course if I’m in a restaurant, then who knows what’s in the soup.

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I eat canned soup. I don’t really watch my salt. I don’t eat a lot of canned soup, but I don’t worry about the sodium, I worry about the lack of iodine was my point.

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