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Is there a need to worry about about Kim Jung Un and Trump starting a war?

Asked by flo (13313points) September 6th, 2017

Is it likely either of them “shooting” first?

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Both men are erratic, thin-skinned and inexperienced in, and apparently contemptuous of, global politics and diplomacy, so miscommunication/miscalculation on either side is not only possible, it’s quite likely. One thing is certain: NK is a nuclear power to be reckoned with and hellbent on staying one; and until the U.S. concedes this and begins seriously negotiating rather than continuing to increase sanctions and threaten “fire and fury,” NK will counter with verbiage like “gift packages for the U.S.” and war will stay on the table.

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Short answer, WORRY. Kim Jong-un wants to show the World he can be a leader, same for the other guy.

Long answer next year . . . .

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Yes worry but I suspect if NK drops a nuke we’ll respond with conventional weapons. I’m more worried about how china and russia respond to our response. That could get all WW3 quick.

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@Tropical_Willie IF there is a next year.

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Trump won’t be the one to start anything. Kim Jong Un’s grandfather, I think it was, started the whole thing when he invaded South Korea in 1951. He’ll just be trying to hold the world hostage with nuclear weapons so he can finish the job.

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Are 2 loose cannons more risky than 1?

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The key would appear to lie with China. North Korea is bound and determined to cross the megaton and ballistic missile frontiers. The great threat to China is that NK’s drive might wind up pushing Japan, South Korea and perhaps Australia into the nuclear club. It’s the sort of threat that just might convince China to strangle the economic viability of its troublesome ally.

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I suppose it comes down to priorities. But it is a possibility…..

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Yes, there is cause for concern. They are two highly unstable men with great power. They each have control of their country’s military power. It’s very worrying.

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No, for two reasons:

1) You and I have no control over this situation, other than our votes in the next presidential election. Since there is nothing we can do about it, why make what could possibly be our last healthy days on earth miserable by pondering the worst? Just count your blessings and be happy.

2) Kim isn’t as crazy as our media makes him out to be. He spends a lot of energy amongst his own people portraying the US (and our western allies) as the evil capitalist cause of all his country’s many ills in order to create paranoia amongst them so they won’t focus on the failures of his corrupt leadership. He does not want to be annihilated any more than any other megalomaniac. He flexes his ICBM muscles as a blackmail device, which makes him look great in front of his people, and because he needs millions of tons of foreign grain donations every winter to keep his people from starving to death en masse.

We respond by surrounding him with the 7th Fleet including 3 aircraft carrier strike groups, complete with destroyers, cruisers, subs—all bristling with conventional and strategic nuclear-tipped Tomahawk missiles—many aimed directly at his various homes in NK—just in case he gets it into his mind to actually destroy something.

And China has stated that they have plans for retaliating against us if we retaliate against Kim.

And that’s the game. And there is not a damned thing you nor I can do about it. So, cheers. Call a friend. Make plans for tomorrow. Have a good time. And count your blessings that we all have another day not to waste worrying about things we can do nothing about.

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Yep, Kim Jong Un and Trump are both jumpy little arseholes who need to go back into their cribs and play with their toys. These 5 year olds are threatening to destroy each other like little kids on the playground. Look too kiddies, The teacher might just come and shut you down!

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Kim already had his chance when he threatened to attack Guam.
Did not do it. Shows that he really does not want to start a war.

Drumpf on the other hand…

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I would like to believe that neither Kim nor Trump would want to start a war, if only for the disruption that it would cause for them personally. I would also like to believe that there are military leaders in both countries who would defy an order that could lead to war.

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Honestly, I would love to see the two of them at a fine Italian restaurant, having dinner together.
I think it would shave away much hostility, and they would both come away from it enlightened.

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Or, the mob would maybe mow them down, I dunno.

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^^LOL. Which one goes to the restroom first for his gun taped under the toilet?

Yeah, man. Single combat. I’m all for it in cases like this. If Kim won, it would be like that dog who chases cars and finally gets a good bite on that tire. Once the Korean people see that regular people eat everyday in Italian restaurants like that, they’ll surrender to us even if Trump loses.

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@Espiritus_Corvus We have no control over the 2 Blusterers-in-chiefs. But we do control our investments and assets. I have reduced market exposure, increased international, and military industrials, and, as insurance, am maintaining a small, short play in case the market dumps.

I do believe Kim J Nut, will eventually set one off above ground to show he can do it. The question is where. It won’t be in his backyard. He’ll find an unoccupied island to “modify”..
What will be the world’s response?

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For three generations, the Kim family have blustered and threatened in order to get money, oil and food, none of which their imprisoned population and barren landscape is able to produce.

They have an impression that Trump might be less likely to supply them with such assistance, so they amp up the bluster. Plus, the current Kim is trying to look tough to separate himself from his brothers, the oldest (whom he had murdered) was frivolous and corruptible, and the middle son, who is decidedly un-masculine.

It is much less expensive to give them what they want than it is to pay in money and lives what it would cost to engage in a war in the Far East. The US is already broke. There are not enough people on Earth to buy the bonds that it would have to sell to finance a major war, and then the rebuild of S. Korea and Japan.

BTW, China has stated that if N. Korea shoots first, the US can protect it’s interests. But if US shoots first, there will be a problem. The Chinese do not want the Americans roaming around the South China Sea. It is unlikely the N. Koreans will shoot first.

Equally unlikely the Americans will either. They will simply pay up.

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Idk but wanna know something creepy?

When my girlfriend was graduating from college 4 years ago, she had everybody sign and write in a notebook. They would write their predictions of the next 5 years.

Even though it was vague, I said, “Something big is going to happen with North Korean within 5 years.” I wanted to say that it would finally fall but I wasn’t quite sure and just left it at “Something will happen that will dramatically alter its history.”

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No, if Kim aimed a bomb at the US or any of its allies then that would be like Theresa May becoming a lap dancer…a bad Korea move. He’s mad, but not that mad.

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They are all “mouth and trousers” so the answer is don’t worry.

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No matter what is being repeated ad nauseum—Trump will not engage in a war without input from military advisors or a national security team. And Trump is pretty good at winning, quickly and effectively.

NK is a great potential threat but Kim Jung Un knows he cannot win. If he strikes first, it will be intentional suicide. The U.S. will act quickly and effectively China could retaliate but it is unlikely anyone including China would want to escalate this any further. When Kim Jung Un is removed, the world will be safer and everyone knows it.

Kim Jung Un likes making threats but will not likely play chicken. It will be certain death for himself.

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I know this is short and probably not so popular, but my opinion is absolutely! They are both nut jobs!

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