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It's almost time for school to start. Do you remember your very first day of school?

Asked by McBean (1703points) August 12th, 2008

What do you remember about it? Smells? People? Feelings? Songs? The clothes you wore? Tell us.

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vaguely, I remember riding the bus and sitting next to this asian kid. 18 years later, we are still friends lol. Turns out we went to the same day care too before kindergarten. I still sort of remember how the classroom was set up and stuff, A coat room in the back, round tables everywere, teachers desk front right, and carpet area on front left were we listened to stories and learned the alphabet. I was wearing soemthing like kahki shorts and tan and white tshirt. hmmm I dont remember what I was feeling, but I remember I was pretty quiet the first couple days. Oh, and some apple IIe computers. Ah I miss those machines.

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My sister went to my pre-school, so I was not alone my first day of school. My mom always told me that when she took us to the front door, I just ran in and started playing, and didn’t even bother to say goodbye to her. I used to very outgoing as a child; I don’t know what happened.

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Oh, Kyle…you’re making me feel so old. You had computers! I didn’t see my first computer in the classroom until 8th grade or so. We had about 4 computers for 30 students in an Introduction to Data Processing course. and our school was “cutting edge”!

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Yep! My mom took me. I was an only child at the time. She waited at the door for me to start crying. I walked into the room and started making friends immediately. She stayed until the teacher made her leave. She said she cried all the way to the car and all the way home. She never thought she would be the one crying.

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I cried when my daddy left me. I thought he was supposed to stay but I found out otherwise. I don’t remember much of the classroom except a playhouse with monkey bars in the corner that I rocked for the first day to ease the pain from earlier. Don’t remember exactly what I did but probably went like this: introduce myself, read a book or two, eat my PB&J sandwich w/ apple juice, played a little, naptime before finally reuniting with mommy and daddy.

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I only remember all the kids staring at my twin brother and I. It was really scary. It did not make things easier. Then as things got going it made it easier for everyone because we all talked about it and everyone became friends. I mean everyone. Ern and I were nice guys and demanded everyone be included and everyone be nice and everyone wanted to be our friends so that was what happened. It was cool.

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Yes. I loved school (I know—weird.) I still buy myself school supplies every year (Pens and a notebook anyway.).

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I remember my first day of “kidneygarden” well. Especially naptime, which I found odd. I wasn’t much of a napper by that time. To me, “nap” meant “lay there and wait for the other kids to wake up.” I remember playing with my yellow Hot Wheels dragster, and teeter-tottering with a girl. So much fun, I couldn’t wait for more. I never understood why my brother cried so much his first day.

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I wish adults had nap time; I seem to always need a nap.

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me too. growing up stinks.

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@augustian: Stop! You’re making me feel old! I didn’t use computers in any classrooms until college!! HaaHaa!

@marina: There’s not a whole lot better than a brand spanking new notebook and some great new pens.

@tinyfaery: Yes, naptime should be a requirement for all adults. I’ll bet we’d have a lot happier and more productive world.

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McBean your making me feel old, computers weren’t even around until years after I got out of college

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No worries, Carla. The computers I used in college were only in certain labs (writing and language labs, for instance), and they were only there while I was getting my second degree in my early 30’s. :-)

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Now I feel better, TY

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I didn’t say much. In fact, I didn’t say anything at all. After my first day my teacher went up to my mum when she came to take me home and expressed her concern that I had not uttered a single word all day. My mum asked me about this on the way home- to which I replied, “But mummy, you taught me never to speak to strangers!”
Seems I took her words a tad too literally :P
I remember the classroom, the mats on the floor- those ones with the roads and the buildings so you could push toy cars along and pretend to have your own city. I remember the plastic kitchen set at the back and the quiet reading corner. I remember we had a little poster in the shape of a dog for every month of the year with all our birthdays written up. I remember a drawing I did of some dolphins and I remember that my friend Georgia and I used to pretend to be mice at break time.
I walked past my class room the other day actually, but I didn’t get a chance to look inside. I am no longer at the same school but I was lucky enough to attend a conference hosted by my old school and could have a squiz at the changes made since I was there. I had so many flashbacks walking through!

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I’m also an only child, and I just remember being amazed at all the kids running around.

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First day at kinder, no, firt day at school yes, they put us in lines to divide the kids into the different classes (30 kids or so per class), I was supposed to go to the “c” class, but then somody moved me to the “b” class (where all the kids of the wealthy were) my mom wanted to move me back, but my grandma told her “not, just let him stay”. My mom was worried because we were not wealthy at all… anyway, I did o.k. and it was a good thing for me I think :)
First day in Hs was more like a nightmare, just like first day in College (the first one I attended :s)

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lots of strange people, fun, warm milk yuck,nice teachers that is all I can remember about preschool lol.

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I remember being scared because I did not know anyone. I did not make friends fast because I was shy. I recall coloring and naptime which I hated both.

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I mainly remember the smell of the school. I went to a small private school for first grade. I never went to kindergarten, and this school was supposed to be for “gifted” early starters. I’m not gifted in the least, just an early started, I guess. Children in my first-grade class were mainly 5 year-olds and there were even a few 4 year-olds! Insane.

Anyway, the school smelled like (I know this now, as an adult) canned macaroni and cheese. It was horrible. I refused to eat it and I knew I was being rude, but it was mushy and looked and smelled as though it had already been partially digested.

I was in awe of the other girls, with their patent leather buckle shoes and pretty dresses(this was the late 60’s). My own swiss dot dress was homemade and didn’t swirl or swish like theirs. Also, they had names like Vivian and Kimberly and Pamela, while my name was Amber. It all made me feel as though I was not quite the way I was supposed to be. (Back then ‘Amber’ was a very unusual name and I hated it! These days there are a million Ambers running around.)

I also remember the teacher – Miss Malone (we didn’t use the title “Ms.” back then) telling us not to tease the geese on the school grounds unless we wanted a “nasty pinch”. The term “nasty pinch” sounded nasty to me, even then.

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I still remember my first day of school, many years ago. I was from a small town, and already knew most of the kids in my class. I remember the Moms standing up against the wall. Every once in a while, one of the kids would run up and stand next to the appropriate Mom, and when comforted, go and sit down. I didn’t feel shy or anything, I just went up and stood next to Mom for a few minutes ‘cuz that’s what all the other kids were doing!

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