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If a mom kept giving money to her alcoholic son, would you blame the mom or the son for the continuous binge drinking?

Asked by StillPeace32 (5points) December 2nd, 2017

My friend is alcoholic and his mom is always giving him money because he is a student and despite his part time job, he can’t afford much just yet. The issue is that he is alcoholic and his mom knows that he spends most of the money to buy this crap. He’s sick, depressed and completely addicted to his binges. I feel so useless watching him this way.
DOn’t know if I should blame the mom or him fo the situation. Any thought?

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It’s not up to you to blame anybody. If you are really stressed out by your friend’s behavior, find yourself an Al-Anon meeting.

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The kid is probably going to drink one way or another. Maybe the mom would rather just pay to prevent him sucking dick behind a 7/11 for a 40 of old-e. Or stealing and going to jail.

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Both. It isn’t an either/or.

Your friend is making the decision to drink. His mother is enabling him. They are both guilty.

Why are you his friend?

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The mom is just being a mom
The son is being an asshole and taking advantage of his caring mom
If there was a heaven and hell, the mom would be eligible for heaven, and the son would not.
I blame the son
Doesn’t seem that complicated

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Too little information for a definitive answer. How old is the son? Is he a minor? How old is the Mom. Was she abused? Is she married and living with her husband? Is the son bi-polar or suffering from mental issues other than alcoholism.

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Drinking problems just like any substance abuse problems stem from needing to cover up some kind of emotion, no matter how faint. If it’s alcoholism it can be very hard to stop once hooked so no one can be blamed. It’s very painful to stop, so he won’t want to, and no mother want their kids in pain. Hopefully I was helpful.

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