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What is a word that defines a person who adds to a topic or conversation needlessly?

Asked by Parmenides (55points) December 10th, 2017

Specifically, let’s say that I provide some information to you about anything. A friend adds their opinion (I’m not looking for opinionated) in the form of a joke that is supposed to be both funny and sarcastic, but it isn’t. Some of you right now may feel compelled to do this in answering this question. I don’t know a word or phrase that describes such a person or act accurately. An example can be, “I bought underwear that have candy cane patterns.” A friend or even stranger replies, “you must really like Christmas or you’re a liberal hippie.” Or something to that effect. People do this all the time. It’s the kind of person you find on facebook or here on fluther “exercising their humor.”

One last thing, the comment doesn’t have to be funny, it can be annoying.

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^Boorish is good. Fool? That might apply as well.

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A digresser.

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I don’t think there is a specific noun for that.

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Buttinsky? rofl

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Derailer or Sidetracker

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The only way to respond to such a person is with a blank, unresponsive stare that says, “What the eff are you saying?”

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A commenter from the peanut gallery.
Divergent opinionator?
A victim of over-moderation?

There is no general word for it. A “heckler” seems like a reasonable one-word fit, sort of. Or a smarty-Alec, smartypants, or wise-ass.

Context and perspective are important. One person might call them hilarious, another annoying or offensive, and/or call them a troll, and another person seeing the same comment might think it is the most appropriate response.

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Thank you everyone. I believe it’s something along the lines of someone who always has to have the final word, wants to always be right, and one-ups the next.

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Like a conversational usurper?

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@Parmenides Oh, I get it now – you mean a man! :-)

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Now not any man has balls big enough to reply to you, @janbb….

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@janbb that may unfortunately, be the best answer. I guess there isn’t a word for it yet.

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@Parmenides Yup. As I said in my first response, I don’t think there is a single word for it.

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An outtalker. Or an ultimumbler

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