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Care to gamble some lurve? (Details)

Asked by MrGrimm888 (16914points) January 8th, 2018

The college football championship game is tonight. 8PM eastern standard time.

Georgia is playing Alabama.

Guess the winner and I will award you a GA…

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What do I want? Georgia

Who do I think will win? Alabama

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I’m pulling for Georgia too, but I really want a good game…

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Both my kids graduated from UGA. There’s a Georgia sticker on my car.

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I just want some of the players to kneel and see Trump get his bowels in an uproar and stomp off. Win-Win no matter what the final score.

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People here in Atlanta are pissed off. Trump lands at Dobbins AFB (NW of town) around 7:00pm, There’s a motorcade downtown to the stadium on I-75. When the presidential motorcade is coming through, the have ‘rolling roadblocks’ and pretty much shut down the interstate—

at the same time 60,000 people are trying to get to the game. Other drivers will not be happy.

And then after the game, same issue – Trump will close down the interstate at the same time 60,000 fans are trying to get home.

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I hate Sabin. Go Georgia!

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“Guess the winner and I will award you a GA…”

You’re going to award everyone who correctly guesses the winner a Georgia? ;-)

I predict an Alabummer win because their D is back and healthy, and they’re majorly motivated after losing to the white paw print last year.

I have a slight preference for Georgia because I’m tired of the Tide dynasty. In accordance with what @elbanditoroso & @rojo posted, I could handle a Tide win if the fans boo Trump back to his Floridian cesspool.

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Although Alabama voters did just keep Roy Moore from office, so I’ll give them this. :-)

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Thanks for playing guys. Hopefully you watched the overtime game. A classic. Wow!

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Damn. Bama.

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It was a great game. Great story too. Bama put a freshman in down 13 in the championship game. And he led them to victory!

The game had everything. Wow…

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What a frikking great game.

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Alabama, because they have lots of Forrest Gumps.

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^You’re late to the party..)

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