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Do you like white bread?

Asked by Kardamom (30805points) January 18th, 2018 from iPhone

I don’t dislike white bread, but I rarely eat it, mostly because it not a food that is considered nutrient dense, and has virtually no fiber.

I prefer whole grain bread, or sourdough bread fresh out of the oven, or authentic rye bread (not most of the rye bread you find at the supermarket, which is basically white bread with caramel coloring added).

What kind of bread do you like best, and what kind of bread do you usually eat?

Any breadmakers out there?

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White bread is ok. Potato bread is great. I usually eat a multu-grain bread for sandwiches.

As bread goes, I like most…

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I don’t hate white bread, but I rarely ever eat it

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I’ve probably bought white bread twice in the past ten years, only because I was feeding people who made the request. I’ll eat white bread if it’s offered, but white bread is my last choice.

My absolute favorite is dark, dark pumpernickel.

If I’m eating breakfast in a restaurant my first choice is rye, and if they don’t have it, I take whole wheat.

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There’s white bread and then there’s white bread. It’s like comparing apples with oranges. Freshly made ciabatta is a winner. Mass produced, white sandwich bread can’t compete.

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The only white bread I eat in the United States is fresh sourdough french bread.

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I like high-quality white bread, such as an authentic French baguette.

I do not like crappy industrial white bread, such as Wonder.

I prefer bread from good bakeries, but I don’t mind some others, such as Milton’s (found at Trader Joe), or Dave’s Killer Bread. I like most well-made French and Italian breads, olive bread, potato bread, good wheat breads, rye breads, good fresh pumpernickel, good sourdough. The quality is generally more important to me than the type.

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I make most of my own, I vary between white, whole wheat, and a few specials. I no longer do the labor and time intensive loaves, or even my bread machine anymore. Now I tend to do the no-knead, Dutch oven loaves, they have a nice crumb and I love the crackly artisanal crust.

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No. Bread needs to be as dark as possible.

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I enjoy some forms of white bread, like sourdough and ciabatta bread. I don’t care for just sliced white Wonder bread. When it comes to toast or thinly-sliced bread, I usually go for whole wheat bread.

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I guess my favorite is Dave’s Killer Blues bread, which has 4 grams of fiber per slice.

Although I slightly prefer the taste of the Blues bread, I also really like Dave’s power seed, which has 6g per slice.

Another one of my favorites was Whole Foods organic rye with caraway seeds, but I haven’t seen it in quite awhile.

I didn’t mind the taste of regular white bread, but I don’t really like it.

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I like homemade bread.

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Now if only we had some good cheese to go with all this bread, or some Irish butter.

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Not really a fan of wheat bread for sandwiches. For those I use this.

But I do like wheat if it is toast and I hard slather it with butter.

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Got to be white for me. I’ll eat it by itself right out of the bag.

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After reading @Adagio‘s post, I remember that baguettes and ciabatta are something different.

White bread with a heavy crust is wonderful.

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Cheap white sliced loaves are good for making toast.

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I read that more dark bread is bought than white bread. It seems that you can train your taste. White bread used to be okay, but now it seems as if it is lacking in taste and texture. I have tried to stay away from sweets and now find many desserts to be too sweet. The first time I tasted skim milk it seemed vile. Now I have gotten used to it and regular milk is too creamy. There are limits though. When I was young, my mother had me take cod liver oil. Never could get that to taste anything other than yucky.

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I really dislike white bread, whole grain ,or whole wheat is the only way I like it.

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I like white bread. Especially the white bread I make from scratch. It has beer in it.

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Isn’t it funny how your taste and preferences can change like that @LostInParadise? After a certain amount of time, eating a particular way isn’t even a struggle. It becomes a preference. But I still say “No!” to skim milk!

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Rarely eat white bread, but my husband has to buy it, he loves it and he’s always been skinny so he doesn’t care about nutritional values.

I love rye, pump, and if out I’ll usually get wheat. A little rye with swiss & spicy mustard and I’m in Heaven!

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