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What kind of legal consequences might our neighbor's face?

Asked by Dutchess_III (38793points) January 21st, 2018

They recently installed a fire place. Well, apparently they dumped still warm ashes out in the yard and their yard caught on fire.. They weren’t home so Rick called 911.
Can a person be ticketed for Being Super Stupid?

It was a weird day. Not 10 minutes earlier we had watched this semi catch on fire in the Walmart parking lot! I was on the phone with my daughter in law, who has been really sick. I was sincerely commiserating with her, telling her how much I cared and was there anything I could do then I saw the truck and I hung up on her to take pictures!
I sent her the picture first, along with an apology. And I called her when I got home. And then the neighbor’s yard caught on fire.

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Your neighbor might get charged for the fire call.

And they might get a misdemeanor ticket for dumping hot ashes/coals. All depends on the jurisdiction.

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Did you hang up on her again and take pictures of the lawn fire, and then send her the pictures again before calling her back?

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Can you see the common thread? It’s you who were there at both the places and it caught fire!!~

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In our city they would be ticketed.

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Thirty years ago we had a neighbor that went away for the week-end for a football game at his alma mater. Friday night he emptied his wood stove to his ash pile in the backyard, he was gone an hour later. 9 AM the next morning I noticed a smoke cloud in his backyard, leaves had blown onto the ash pile. I told my wife to call 911 and ran over to find the lawn on fire, I grabbed a rake and pulled the leaves away from his house. The volunteer fire department showed up about fifteen minutes later. His property backed up to a state forest that was several hundred acres. It was put out in less the ten minutes lucky.

Oh he was an assistant chief for the same fire department, sad face when he got home on Sunday afternoon.

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^They would have saved him any way..Being a pal!!

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You must live in California. PS – tell your neighbors about Smokey the Bear.

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They may be charged for the fire call. (Expenses of the run.) I know of no laws against just being stupid. If damages are incurred, that’s different. Like the lady I aw last week trying to parallel park her large Suburban in to a parking space that was only big enough for a mini van. She had to be causing damage to the cars in front and in the rear.

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I don’t live in California @NomoreY_A. I live in Kansas. That place where people pull over for funeral processions. I’m surprised none of the processions we were involved in last week haven’t caught fire….

The only common thread is that I was on the phone with my DIL both times @imrainmaker!

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Psst – gailcalled patrol. No apostrophe in “neighbors”.

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I know. I just didn’t catch it in time.

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lol..@Dutchess_III ..there should be fire alarm ringing when you two start talking..)

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^Yeah..heat of the conversation can increase the surrounding temperatures and cause such incidents..)~

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It must have been the fever she was running.

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@Dutchess_III Nah, you two were just burning up the wires,,,

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