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Should I confront him?

Asked by savannahleslie (27points) February 14th, 2018

Should I confront an ex who moved on with someone else two weeks later? We broke up a month ago as he said he’s going through a tough time so he can’t be in a relationship but he called and said he misses me and still has feelings. What should I do?

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Just be friends until you are both ready for more.

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Don’t confront him. Waste of time. What would be the point?

For that matter, if he is calling you and saying he still has feelings, what does that say about the new girl? After two weeks he is already cheating on her? The guy sounds like a serious scumbag coming and going.

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No, why bother. It would just give him something to gloat about.

Time to move on.

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Do it if you need answers and help with closure.

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What do YOU want? Give the separation more time while thinking it over. Consider the reasons you split in the first place. Is reuniting worth the trouble??

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Him: “I am going through a hard time right now and cannot be in a relationship”.
You: “Ok, I understand, let’s break up”.
Him: “Ok, Bye”. he says turning his Xbox back on

Time Passes

Him: “Hey, we have had a wonderful two weeks and I’m single right now, wanna have a relationship”?
Her: “Sure, let’s move in together”;

Time Passes

Her: “Oh, honey, isn’t everything wonderful now we are together”.
Him (to himself): “Wow, you are not as hot/willing/giving/accepting as I thought you would be. I wonder if SavannahLeslie will let me come back?”


Her: “Wpw. you are not the catch I thought you would be, get out”.
Him (to himself): “Wow, you are not as hot/willing/giving/accepting as I thought you would be. I wonder if SavannahLeslie will let me come back?”

Either way…..

Him: “SavannahLeslie, honey. I sure miss you and think about you all the time (now that I have my fill of that wild ‘tang). Want to get back together”?
You: “Oh sure, I can see you are over your tough time and ready for a serious relationship like I thought we had a month ago, so, why not”. “Oh, can you get tested for STD’s before we hook up again, just askin’”?

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My guess is he’s not getting any from the new girl yet, and he’s simply horny so he called you.

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I have mixed feelings on this. I took others advice and moved on, but I have regrets. Make sure to giver it 110% but if it ends then move on 110%. Basically looking back can be easy but is often the wrong move.

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I would think that the ex wanted a break, to be with the other person. Now. They’re either done with that person, or trying to find a way to have you both…

At least two girls that I dated, broke up with me, so they wouldn’t feel bad cheating.

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