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What do you call feces?

Asked by Hiiiiieveryone (4points) February 17th, 2018 from iPhone
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My Mischief

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Poop. Shit. Canine landmines. Green gravy. Crap. Turds.

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Feces or excrement.

I defecate and urinate. I don’t “poop,” “pee,” or use any other crass and childish words for bodily functions. I like to think of myself as something other than vulgar.

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I say “poop”. It’s what my parents said when I was a little kid and I’ve said it ever since. The word “shit” is so versatile and has so many other meanings and uses that I often forget about its literal meaning and never seem to use it in that sense.

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coprolites, dookie, deuce, dung, pile, shit, crap, poop, doo doo….

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Coprolites are fossilised.

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It’s still shit, just collectable

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Poop, crap, shit, shite, caca, Trump.

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poop, usually

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Crap shit shite tosca

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