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What is the advantage of a firm neck?

Asked by elbanditoroso (30572points) March 1st, 2018

With relation to the question below about neck creams.

What’s the advantage to a firm neck? Why do people want/need them? Is this a scam?

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“Firm” is about skin appearance and condition. It’s about reducing wrinkles, old age spots etc.

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It looks sportier in the locker room.

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Nothing shows your age more than a sagging or wrinkly neck.

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@janbb – I’m going with hands as the place where age is most obvious. I always notice it when I go to my posh optometrist.

You can fix up the neck and face if you want and have the money, but the hands always give it away.

Still trying to figure out what the advantage of a firm neck is. Can’t really think of any.

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^^ I see necks before I look at hands.

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Maybe it is because I am male and therefore oblivious, but I don’t think I have ever noticed the sagginess or firmness of a woman’s neck, nor made any judgments about her on that account.

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@jannb is right. Necks show age and I think most people notice necks before hands. I saw an interview with Kirstie Alley where she said a neck lift was the only plastic surgery she has ever had done because she felt it showed her age.

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I look at hands because I know they can’t fix them.

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