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Why is Hillary Clinton seen as evil by the right even before she ran for President?

Asked by Pandora (27814points) March 16th, 2018

I was thinking about how much the right has hated Hillary Clinton for years and I can’t help but feel it was because she never left her husband. This strikes me as strange being the religious right is all about men ruling and women just supporting her man no matter what. So is this the reason? Or is it because she is smart and ambitious which is a nightmare to bible thumping men and bible thumping subservient women.

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Well, the left has hated Clinton since the 90s because they pushed the Democratic party to the far right (“New Democrats”). The right seems to have hated the Clintons due to petty conspiracy theories. She’s the epitome of the career politician without any values, voted for the Iraq war, supported DOMA, supported NAFTA, never leads, would have been considered a Republican in the past, runs dirty horrible campaigns, and is powerful enough to control the DNC.

Clintons are toxic from every perspective, and this led to Trump. She was literally the worst possible candidate to run in 2016. Yet, she controlled the DNC, pushed for Trump (“pied piper strategy”), and ended up losing to a jackass with horrible favorability ratings.

The right hated her for all the wrong reasons. Her policies were sh*t, but they made up crap to hate her about. But knowing that she had no support beyond the older crowd within the Democratic party, the DNC still pushed her in what may have been the worst campaign in modern history.

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She was running as a Democrat even worst then a:
Jew or Black or Muslim or . . . . any minority

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@Tropical_Willie I think it has to be more than that. They loathe her. Yes they hate dems, but they practically foam at the mouth when she’s mentioned. More so than her husband. And to be fair, even by some independents.

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@thisismyusername In my question above, I stated this hatred was in placed well before she decided to run. I find her no worse or better than everyday politicians. For the things she voted for as a senator, they were things that other senators have voted for as well. Yet they are not reviled for it.
Political people by nature are Conservative because that was were most of the Votes up till the 90’s were .
Throw a rock in the Senate and you are sure to hit a person without any real morals. But I do believe some may actually want our government to succeed. The fact that lobbiest roam around and give to campaigns already tells me they are dirty. So why is her dirt worse?

Like state above. I’m mostly interested in why they loathed her even before she ran. I remember the Clinton trials. Bill Clinton was almost forgiven by everyone I knew. It was his wifes fault he cheated. She’s probably bossy. She’s only staying with him for her career prospects. It’s obvious they don’t love each other. And I heard, poor guy a lot. He did the bad deeds but she took the heat. Especially because she decided to stay. She was an insult to all women. If she left. She was abandoning her man and wanted to distance herself for her own career. Marriage is for better or worse. But when she stayed, she was a shrew who is staying to torment her husband an make him pay, and also because she was ambitious.
I remember hearing all this and thinking, she doesn’t win in either case.

And her husband affair has been used over an over against her. As if she told him to go out that and screw everyone he could.
Wife does something wrong in the marriage. Oh, poor man.
Husband does something wrong and wife stays or goes. Oh poor man. And she knew!

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From what I heard among my veteran Republican friends: Benghazi.

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And let’s not forget Private Email servers,(the horrors!!).

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@Aethelwine There is a reason why I wanted to leave that section out. I believe it’s something more than Benghazi. The US has quite a history of our Embassies being attacked and people killed. To work at an Embassy, you know this is the risks. It’s why we have guards at Embassies.
@SQUEEKY2 A lot more emails went missing from the White House which is suppose to be preserved at all times. Yet, there was nothing done about it. So obviously they don’t care about emails. And the government has been hacked, so I don’t see how it can be about emails either. I think both the Embassy and emails is just an easy target, but I don’t think it is the root of their hatred for her.

I still believe before benghazi and the emails they hated her. When she ran against Obama she was still reviled and that was before both occured. I remember hearing how it was better to vote for Obama (someone that most people didn’t know) than vote for her. Her husbands affairs were bought up once more and the role she may have played in it. For some she was too cold. And if she talked loudly, she was too aggressive, bitchy and whinny.

It’ seems that privately, a lot of Republican (politicians ) admired her smarts and her dedication to service, but once she ran for office, they hated her. Benghazi was a smoke screen and so where her emails. They never had any intention to actually following through with charges because I bet you most of them take emails home, and have deleted emails from home as well. And the government could be held responsible to pay damages for any or all embassies attacked if they opened that can of worms. They were not going to ever go all the way with this. All they needed was for her to look worse.

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In Hillary’s own words, “What difference does it make”?

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I have wondered this question since I first heard about it, which was over a decade ago, before Benghazi, before Obama. I remember in 2003 (which might have been the first time) hearing some right-wing people in person talking about how much they hated Hillary Clinton, and I remember thinking that seemed like a really weird person to focus hatred on, and though I didn’t really get into it with them (it was two people I was with talking to each other about her), I remember they explained anyway that it was a kind of gut feeling which seemed more like the cause than whatever reasons they may have had.

I only grew to dislike her during the 2016 primary in contrast and opposition to Bernie Sanders. She seemed to embody the part of the Democratic Party that I regard as a corporate-pocketed fake-progressive alternative to the (currently-insane) Republican Party , and watching her (especially being patronizing to Sanders while trying to pretend she was just as progressive as he was) I felt like I was seeing a very cold calculating fake persona that I couldn’t trust.

Before 2016, I guess I didn’t care enough to pay much attention to her so I assumed she was just a smart politician whom the right-wing folks tended to dislike for being a strong woman with political standing. After that, I could see how people could distrust and even despise her, but I still don’t know why anyone was paying that much attention to her back in 2003… though I guess they also hated Michelle Obama… sigh.

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I’m just repeating what I heard, I have nothing against her, and still think she would have been 1000% better than Trump who lies it like it is.
What I don’t get is they don’t trust her, thinks she is a huge liar, but when you bring one of Trumps out right lies, they just shrug and say yeah they all lie.

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Even the right find it difficult saying anything positive about Trump. It’s much easier to denounce Hillary or Obama.

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The right have been groomed to hate her for a long time. It started with Hilarycare in the 90’s. When she had her own political ambitions in the 2000’s the right saw where things were headed and knew they had to poison her name early. Also she comes across as really fake and insincere.

“The fact that lobbiest roam around and give to campaigns already tells me they are dirty. So why is her dirt worse?”

In her case, Hillary and her husband played a huge role in driving the party severely to the right. They helped turn the Democratic party away from being about “the little guy” and into a pro-corporate party, taking in hundreds of millions in the process. She and her pal Debbie Wassermann Schultz rigged the primaries and deprived all Democrats the opportunity to vote in fair elections. She is at the center of the infection that has caused the Democratic party to degenerate into it’s current sad state, so yes, her dirt is worse. Much worse.

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@gorillapaws Yeah the reason I don’t care about about it 2006 above is because they it was already assumed she was going to run for president. So I get the witch hunt.

But you it the nail on the head with, Also she comes across as really fake and insincere.

I get why politicians hate her, I just didn’t get why the public hated her for so long. Now that I recall , I remember those exact words being said about her and Bill Clinton still came out smelling like flowers because even though he lied under oath, people still thought he was sincere. They just thought he didn’t want to confess and end up in a messy divorce. So dem and Republicans both excused his behavior.

Still leads me to believe that men (as demonstrated by Trump and Clinton) are forgiven anything. But women have to go that extra mile.
When men are caught lying and changing their words. They are evolving.
When women do it, they are lying.
When men are cunning, they are smooth sincere.
When it’s women, they act smooth, they are lying through their teeth.

I’m not trying to debate why she lost or make excuses for her, but rather reason out if a woman will ever really have a shot at being President. People seem to think in 2020 a woman would have a better shot. I believe even St Teresa couldn’t win.

Hell I remember how much Princesses Diane got her reputation tarnished when Charles was having an affair. He was trapped by her neediness. . But when she died, she was suddenly a great lady who was loved by all.

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From the outset, when her husband was governor, it was clear that he was going places and that unlike most political wives, she was a definite threat to Republican hopes down the line. The Clintons were demonized relentlessly by the GOP for some 30 years in the longest running and most intense P R smear in the political history of the United States. The strategy worked, and the irrational vitriol against an indisputably capable politician was well in place for the 2008 election. This was THE primary reason Obama was able to secure the nomination instead of Hillary. The Republicans were blindsided by the rapid rise of Obama which hadn’t allowed time for decades of propaganda to sully the vacuous minds of the notoriously low information American electorate against “the black guy.” The irony around years of Hillary villification propelling Obama into the White House was not missed by conservative puppetmasters, particulary when it became evident that the demon was still a substantial threat to the future Republican stable of Presidential hopefuls, more than distinguished for its shortage of intellectual heft. The blitz against Hillary continued, and the 30 year war on Hillary was rewarded with the propulsion of the most inept individual imaginable into the oval office. The saga of a tasteless joke!

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@stanleybmanly So do you believe women would have a chance in 2020 or is Hillary the modern Eve and all women politicians are subjects?

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@Pandora I think you’re really stretching on that generalization about men v. women. I just think Bill is more charismatic than Hillary happens to be. You’ve got a data set where n = 1; it’s pretty hard to extrapolate anything meaningful from that. I would never vote for Hillary, but I would gladly vote for Tulsi Gabbard, Nina Turner or Elisabeth Warren. I voted for Stein in 2016 and would do so again. For me, gender has nothing to do with it. I think some on the left are trying to use gender as an excuse to avoid discussing how unpopular the policies of the neoliberal establishment are.

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@gorillapaws Out of all of them Tulsi Gabbard is the only one I think has a good shot because I believe she will do better in handling the military and she is sharp.I also love Kamala Harris. She is sharp and I think has some of that charisma you talk about.. I like Tulsi because she is also sharp but I’m not sure she would draw attention like Ms. Harris. The other two are a hard no for me.

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Maybe I can help. The right hates Hillary because she epitomizes everything that is wrong with our government. She was dismissed from the Watergate investigation and her supervisor regrets not filing ethics charges against her. She was involved in shady real estate deals as First Lady of Arkansas (Whitewater). While Bill was a pig, Hillary helped cover up many of his indiscretions at the expense of his victims. Meanwhile she prattles on about how she is for the rights of women. Also, at about this same time, the Filegate scandal pops up where Bill and especially Hillary were illegally gathering personal files from the FBI on anyone they viewed as a threat. When caught, she claims it was a bureaucratic snafu. That didn’t change the fact she violated the Privacy Act in a number of cases when she used the information. When Bill left office, Hillary moved them to NY so she could run for senator and have a chance of winning. She had never lived in NY and was not from there, but had enough political connections to buy her way into a senate seat. After that we have a stint as Sect of State. Most on the right view her time there as a way to keep her name in politics so she could run. Her record as Sect of State was unremarkable at the very best with the highlight being Benghazi. This was a case where an American Ambassador makes repeated requests for more security forces for the embassy and Hillary’s office denied the requests. Then, when terrorists overrun the compound and drag the dead body of the ambassador through the streets, Hillary begins, with the help of Obama, a campaign of blaming some obscure YouTube video for sparking anger in the ME and an impromptu mob attacked the compound in response. Impromptu mobs don’t come armed with automatic weapons and RPGs. It was an out and out lie, yet she was never held accountable for it. About this time, she also puts in place Huma Abedein who had solid ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, a known terrorist organization. And nobody questions her about it. Then we get to the email scandal. Here we have a woman that knowingly used a private email server to conduct business, some of which was classified as top secret or above. This is a clear violation of federal law. When first questioned about it, she lied and said she only did personal business on it. Then, when the questioning persisted and people started asking for her emails, she took it on herself not to let an impartial person look for the questionable materials, but rather handed over some emails and destroyed more. When that got questioned she claimed there were no more. Then another batch of emails showed up and these had classified materials in them. Then she claimed that really was all and she didn’t know the material was classified. At this point she is pleading incompetence instead of criminal action. Then more and more materials come out and she has obviously lied and violated federal law, yet the corrupt government tries covering up for her creating an out in the idea that she didn’t mean to break the law. Add to all this the other things: She claims she and Bill were broke when they left the WH, yet only a few years later she is worth more than $100M. No one can do that legally. Then the Clinton foundation screws over Haiti. Add to that the Clinton body count…more dead bodies that die under unusual or violent circumstances than is statistically feasible to be innocent and you have a picture of someone that is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg and is never held accountable for her actions. That pretty much sums up all that is wrong in DC…people doing whatever they want and never being held accountable. THAT is why the right hated her before her run for president. It has nothing to do with feeling like she should have dumped Bill or that she is smart or ambitious…except where those things cross the ethics lines.

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I am a Democrat and I dislike Hillary Clinton at a personal level. Just hearing her speak makes me want to puke. Of course that is not the way to judge a candidate, but they have to be able to make some connection to the electorate. Clinton can’t do that. The only thing that kept Clinton from having the lowest approval rating of any presidential candidate was Trump, who is indescribably loathsome. I really hope that Clinton does not run in 2020. We could do a whole lot better.

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@seawulf Bravo!
I voted for Bill, but didn’t once contemplate ‘Killary’.

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Bill Clinton was president at the time AM hate radio, Fox News, and a wider coordinated propaganda machine exploited the sizable population of impressionable and excitable conservatives who will absorb and repeat anything that agrees with their beliefs. The Internet made the process more efficient.

Whoever was the most prominent Democrat at the time would have been demonized. Reality and the details don’t matter, conservatives will turn their hatred towards whoever is presented as the enemy.

Fearful angry whites who swallow anything that agrees with their ignorant prejudices are easily led by the nose. They do not question and they do not check facts.

For example see ludicrous nonsense above about Benghazi, “the Clinton body count” and Muslim brotherhood.

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@Call_Me I don’t believe that’s true at all. You see above, even some Dems were not fans.

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Democrats aren’t enraged by the lunatic conspiracies you applauded.

The liberals above think Clinton is way too conservative.

Or they express vague feelings of distrust and annoyance, which shows how the right-wing propaganda saturated the atmosphere over 20 years.

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@seawulf575, well, you covered everything I meant to say. Well, except for one point which started way back before Bill was governor.
They attended college together.
She got excellent grades, but she was a bitch and nobody liked her.
Bill had bad grades, or mediocre, but he was charming.
She was still in the closet, and so she latched onto him. She saw him as a way to use a man for his drag winds. It is like when you follow a semi truck close to use his drag winds to pull you along and save on fuel.
She did exactly that. She gave the impression of being the adoring wife, coaching Bill, and getting him in deep along the way. He could flirt and mess around and she didn’t care, because men don’t do it for her anyway.
From the inside, it looked like a match made in heaven.
Bill was her dupe.
She used Obama on much the same way.
She loses to a minority man, then steps up as the next great American minority, the woman vote.
What she didn’t count on was people with memories of her down through the ages, pushing the buttons and pulling the levers behind men who would be her dupe. When shit hit the fan she lets the men take the heat. She steps back just far enough to say, “He did wrong, but I am a loyal friend. I will stand by him.”
She is a puppeteer of the worst kind.
She is a smear on the good works of women everywhere.

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@Patty. Plus people that ran in her elite circle in Ark told everyone her sentiments on the ignorant poor. Not all rich people are jerks, word spread of her elitist bad attitude.

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@Pandora You mean the Kamala Harris that was the only Democrat to get money from Steven Mnuchin and then didn’t prosecute his bank for illegally foreclosing on thousands of homes during the collapse? That Kamala Harris? You think she’s going to be the beacon of hope for bringing the wealth inequality back into some reasonable level?

Or do you think that she’s going to pretend to support medicare for all and then when the time comes to actually pass it, will find some way to have it sabotaged from within? I don’t trust her for a second after selling out to a monster like that.

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@Pandora The obstacles for women seeking the Presidency have been pretty much eliminated and nothing better serves to demonstrate this fact than the arrival of Sarah Palin, the archetype airhead dame who actually displaced the traditional (and on point accurate) stereotype through deployment of a shotgun and a big mouth.

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@KNOWITALL You should beware of propaganda trigger words and consider the actual meaning of such expressions as “elite circle in Arkansas”.

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There’s nothing conservatives hate more than an assertive woman.

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Right @Darth_Algar , they should just wait quietly for their pussies to be grabbed .

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I am neither democrat nor republican. My repulsion of hill bat has to do with her as an individual, not gender, not political affiliation.
Wilma Mankiller was a very assertive woman, and worthy of admiration.
Here again, people defining clearly their opinions, and still someone trying to bend them off in some other direction entirely.

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I am neither democrat nor republican.

The word was conservative, not Democrat.

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@SQUEEKY2 That’s right…then we can watch Hillary cover it up and demonize the women.

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@Jay, I was identifying myself for general purposes. Not to respond to any particular labelling previously mentioned.
As far as that goes, I also identify as neither liberal or conservative.
Some of my convictions are conservative in nature, but in no way could I be considered conservative in all aspects of thinking. I voted for Obama not because I believed in all his convictions, but because I thought he would be the most effective of the candidates to choose from.
The same goes for Trump. I don’t agree with him on all points, but certainly in some, and I see him as having the most potential for success in improving conditions for this country of those who threw their hats in the ring.
However you slice it, I just don’t fit into any category completely, except the category of American citizen.

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She is just not seen as genuine. I would not say “evil” but more conniving and calculating. She does not project an image of being “assertive” but actually insecure, angry and damaged. That’s even before the fact that she flips on her politics whenever the wind blows in a more favorable direction. She is just another petty politician and makes no apology for it, the only thing she brings to the table is her gender which was apparently enough for the majority of the left. Wonder what would have happened if Sanders had not been run over to make room for her. I generally vote right but I would have happily taken just about any democrat over Trump or Hillary.

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@seawulf575 – Excellent summary of Hillary. All those issues could be expanded dramatically but you captured the essence of her.

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Is Trump really the lesser of the two evils?
A guy that lies so much,I think he is trying to fool himself.
A guy that screwed many trades people and labourers out of hard earned income with his many bankruptcies .
A guy that talks about women as their are mere playthings.
A guy who said he would have no problem using a nuke.
A guy that doesn’t have a diplomatic bone in his whole body.
^^This guy is the lesser evil^^??

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^ Wrong thread, @SQUEEKY2. This is a thread about Hillary Clinton.

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I know @thisismyusername but that guy is who they are comparing her to, I want to know how she is the more evil one, compared to that guy.
It’s Trump or Hillary ,and the people said they will take Trump he is the lesser of the two evils,REALLY?

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@SQUEEKY2: “I know @thisismyusername but that guy is who they are comparing her to,”

No, nobody is doing this. This is a specific question about why the right saw Clinton as evil before she “officially” ran. I did include why the left has hated her for decades, but I still think this stuck to the topic.

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@SQUEEKY2 Trump made promises that resonated with the working class and a good number were traditionally democratic voters. I’m speaking union members in the rust belt here. Trump promised a great deal of things that hit check boxes for everyday republicans as well, especially those who were sick of all of the identity and PC politics. He also offered to make a mockery of the political system which a good number of people were quite sick of. Hillary…well, she offered none of this. She was status quo except for the being female part but make no mistake there was not going to be any sweeping change under her watch. She was whatever would be most self serving and a large amount of people who would have thrown a vote to the left were not having anything of it, to them she was just another corporate shill and I would agree. Please stop saying she was the lesser of two evils because this was certainly not the case. I can’t think of two more deplorable people to take the oath of office. At least Trump had some chance of being an agent of change, so if you asked me.. During the election I would have taken Trump over Hillary. I probably still would even now but the fact remains I would take my garbage collector or janitor over either of them they both know how to do something and understand what it takes to make ends meet in 2018.
Trump is a perfect example of “be careful what you wish for.” As for the lesser of the two evils…at the time he certainly was and the fact that such a ridiculous person could walk into the White House shows just how much Hillary was despised as a candidate. I’m not alone in thinking Trumps antics would have stopped after the elections, certainly the vast majority of people I know who threw a vote his way thought this but alas… I voted Rubio in the primaries and wrote in Kasich in the end, for that I still sleep well at night. A protest vote was the best vote….That said as much as I hate Trump, I still hated Hillary more, even after all the mess this man has created.
As much as a train wreck the Trump administration has been the message is still clear: People are tired of the status quo, want change and whoever can win over the working class will win the next election.

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I would think when she said as a senator that she wasn’t going to run for president that everyones bs detectors would be buzzing. I thought yeah right. B.s.

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It comes from being alive and knowing of the Clintons since their Arkansas romp. I can’t explain why liberals would support her; they were alive for all these years too. Beats me.

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