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Will communist rule in China end one day?

Asked by imrainmaker (8339points) April 25th, 2018

If yes what do you think will trigger this?

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The China of today is nothing like the China of thirty or forty years ago. I have travelled extensively in China and cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing are very western in character. The streets are full of colour the shops advertise familiar brand names. There is a free enterprise culture and many people are starting up their own businesses.

On the other hand the government can be very intolerant of criticism which it views as part of its role in maintaining public order. Most Chinese accept this and have little to be critical about. The government has brought them peace and prosperity and they appreciate that. There is very little rancour in Chinese politics and little desire for change. Life is pretty good for most Chinese and is getting better.

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China isn’t “communist”. It is autocratic, and highly controlled, and improved the general welfare to incredible standard compared to 50 years ago.

China reforms as it sees fit to keep its people satisfied.

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Doubtful. The current government is scared to death of a popular uprising and will do anything it can to tamp down any unrest or talk of increased freedoms.

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The picture we are getting of China here in the US is just not exactly accurate. I would not call them communist. It’s a straight up oligarchy with both manevolent and benevolent tendencies. It’s not such a bad place really.

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Of course it will end one day. Nothing man has ever made, especially in a society, has ever lasted. Some last longer and some last shorter. And they all end from the same reason…human greed and depravity.

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