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Legal liability if an invisible car is in a wreck?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24551points) May 24th, 2018

Suppose for a moment that we have the technology for invisible cars.

You’re driving down the road safely, in your lane. Some pulls out of a street and t-bones you. (or pick the accident of your choice).

What’s the legal liability? You were driving safely and legally. The other guy drove badly. However, you’re invisible.

TO whom would the police and courts assign blame?

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Everyone’s responsible for his/her own tortious actions, including minor children. Surely, invisibility wouldn’t change anything.

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Well it might stand up in court when the say honest your Honour I never saw the car coming.

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You would have to go to invisible traffic court.

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Doesn’t this seem similar to driving with no lights on, in the dark? In that case, the vehicle without lights, is liable.

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Driving invisibly is not driving safely, as your example illustrates.

If you need to experience it, you can. We have the technology. Drive at night where there are no street lights. And turn off your car’s lights. It makes quite an impression in about 0.3 seconds. Especially if you have the windows rolled down.

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It’s your fault I’m afraid. The good news is you won’t have to panel beat those dents out of your car as no one is going to notice them.

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Any invisible car will be operated by MI6 and driven by some high-kill count misogynist, who will undoubtedly deny any involvement, so the non-invisible part of the accident will be fully liable.

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It is always the fault of the invisible car driver. In every possible (or impossible) scenario.

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Given that there is no visible damage to your vehicle the insurance company would transfer your claim to the invisible correspondence circular receptacle department.

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