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Have any guys here broken up with a woman because she looked different after she took her makeup off?

Asked by chinchin31 (1748points) May 24th, 2018

Please share some juicy stories.

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Nope, I prefer women to not wear that crap

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To get around that, I never wore makeup except for lipstick; so i looked the same before & after. No man I ever dated could say he didn’t know what he was getting into!!!

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I agree with @ARE_you_kidding_me – everyone I dated didn’t feel the need to paint themselves.

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Not me.

In 2001, I told my wife-to-be, that she looked even better without makeup.

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I too would prefer women without makeup, probably because my sisters went insane with the stuff in their teenage years. But I did know a woman back in the 80s for whom the transformation from madeup to natural was unbelievable. I have never seen anything to compare with it since. She still pops up in magazine ads, and for awhile I would save clippings to annoy my wife.

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No any woman I ever broke up with is because she was batshit crazy, not because she looked different with her makeup off.

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Shower sex is a requirement before I will commit. So I know what I am getting into.

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@SQUEEKY2 :: It is funny. I just watched this on youtube going down the Childish Gambino hole.

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I also prefer no make up.

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No. And I also prefer no make up.

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I prefer the woman I am with not to wear make-up but I quite like it in others.

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I love all these answers from you guys!

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I think men in general would be more likely to break up with a woman after she took her clothes off.

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I stopped seeing one guy because he wore a sock in his pants. I didn’t care that he was small in that area; however, I was highly insulted that he thought I was so shallow that the size of his manhood was my only criteria for enjoying his company!!!

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@LadyMarissa OMG!!!! That only works until it’s time to get down…crazy.

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@kritiper Women’s bodies are much more beautiful than men’s bodies.

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Psst @chyna, I think @kritiper may be one of the “sock” guys.

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I’m generally not attracted to women who wear lots of makeup. Maybe on Halloween…

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@chyna Not all of them.
@canidmajor And how would you know???

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Was it good?

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The funny thing is most men will say they dislike makeup and also think the women they admire are wearing none, but good makeup looks like you are wearing no makeup! These days makeup looks a bit theatrical which is god awful.

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@kritiper, well, I’d give it a 6, couldn’t dance to it

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But you did peek, so you must have had a mind to…

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Well, yeah! I loves me a little peek.

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No. But then again, my taste in women runs to those who wear a minimal amount of makeup so there is not much difference one way or the other.

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I, too, prefer minimal make-up. Never had a chance to break up with a woman because of make-up issues, though…

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Doesn’t matter to me one way or another. I was and am into the whole woman, not just her face. I think make up in moderation is fine though.

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