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Have you ever known of any woman with the first name Morticia?

Asked by elbanditoroso (24735points) May 25th, 2018

Other than in the Addams family TV show.

Did any parents name their girls children Morticia?

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No I think the name was bending the title of Mortician

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Yes, Morticia Alexander & she was almost as strange as Mrs Adams!!! Actually, she was my age so she was born before the Adams Family was ever on TV, Wonder if they copied her???

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No, I have never know anyone who had that name.

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@LadyMarissa – what possessed her parents????

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I have no clue; but, she made me thankful that I wasn’t born to her parents!!! :)

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Actually, she was my age so she was born before the Adams Family was ever on TV

I was going to say Morticia goes back to the 1930s Charles Addams New Yorker cartoons, but a little Googling says the Addams Family characters had no names before the TV show was created.

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It’s just as well that there are no other Morticias. The original was so over the top, that no one would dare to name their kid after her. Did you ever notice how few Adolfs there are loose in the world these days? Morticia’s name should be retired like Babe Ruth’s number.

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No, but I think more women should be named “Rasputia”.

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@Demosthenes – that has a nice ring to it,,,

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I have friends who named their daughter Morticia (as an homage to The Addams Family). It helps that they are a family of lanky goths with black hair.

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How old is the daughter? Does she like her name?

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No, I do not, and have not heard, of any female named Morticia.

My daughter said she met a guy a couple of years ago named ‘Jondular’.....

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I assumed Morticia was the feminine of Mortimer. They’re certainly similar.
Mortimer is old French.

Morticia is not in any baby name book online. Apparently they made the name up for the character in the TV show.

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Apparently, my classmate’s parents made the name up about 20 years before The Addams Family ever existed. Morticia is not a popular first name. It is more often used as a female name. People having the name Morticia appear to be originating from all over the world. The name was most popular in 1971 with 11 babies blessed with the name. I’m glad I wasn’t born in 1971!!!

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No, but my daughter’s best friend for years was named Wednesday.

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@elbanditoroso She’s eight, so maybe it’s a little early to tell. But right now she likes having a different name.

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No, but my daughter’s best friend for years was named Wednesday.

Did everyone try to sell her Girl Scout cookies?

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^ No, but they were Girl Scouts.

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