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Why can I only find a boyfriend on dating sites but not in person?

Asked by TheAnswerGirl (40points) May 26th, 2018
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Stop looking so hard,join a youth group,volunteer for anything involving young people at your church,just be friendly and talk to people DON’T always be playing with your phone.
Just go out and meet people, and before you know it, it will find you.

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You’re looking too hard & that scares guys because it makes you look clingy & guys don’t like clingy. When you find a bf online, you’re relaxed & just being yourself. So,try & be more relaxed when you meet a guy in real life. I spent almost half my life looking for love. Then I decided that I wasn’t supposed to find it & I stopped looking. I just didn’t care whether I found love or not.That’s when I met my husband.My not caring gave him the opportunity to romance me. That made him feel more comfortable.

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Got to agree with @LadyMarissa based on the limited information given. I am going ot say you come off as overly aggressive or needy in person. Maybe try to lighten up a little and just let things progress naturally and not try to force things in the direction you want?

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How many boyfriends have you found on dating sites and what is your definition of ‘a boyfriend’?
(by the by…. don’t join a church to meet people… I find they attract the worst sorts.)

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Not sure how you are going about it in person. My suggestion is to find something you like to do, find a group in your area that is into that activity, and join. You will start with a group that already has something in common with you.
I’m a little skeptical about the dating sites. The internet is a great big costume party. You can be anyone you want to be. If you are normally shy, you can be outgoing. You can put forth whatever personality you want. But it is frequently not the personality you actually have. Trying to find someone to bring into your real life from a pool of people like that is sketchy, IMHO.

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@seawulf575 and @LadyMarissa and I are in total agreement on this one. Stop looking so hard, do real life, stay off your phone, and treat people well.

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Desperation drives people away, like a bad smell.

Why don’t you put some attention into doing something with your own interests and talents, instead of obsessing over acquiring someone? You’ll be a more attractive prospective partner if you think about things and do things that aren’t about snaring a boyfriend. You have to bring more to a relationship than just raw hunger.

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If you found a boyfriend on a dating site did you not arrange to meet him in person?

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Dating sites are more convenient.

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