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Right now, how much would an unexpected bill of say $500 hurt you?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (16543points) June 28th, 2018

Would it financially cripple you?
Would you have to borrow to pay for it?
Would you just bitch and pay it?
Where do you fit in?

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It would go on a credit card.

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@notnotnotnot do you pay your card off every month, or do you carry a balance on it?

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@SQUEEKY2: ”@notnotnotnot do you pay your card off every month, or do you carry a balance on it?”

^ For years, I paid it off every month. But some unexpected expenses last year led to a balance we can’t seem to pay off.

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Bitch and pay. But before I started my new job 3 months ago I would have put it on a credit card.

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That’s tough @notnotnotnot hope ya get a handle on it soon.

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I’m prepared for certain emergencies, like having to get another pick-up for the biz.

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So you would just bitch and pay it then, @kritiper ?

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I had an unexpected medical issue last fall, and after insurance, I ended up paying $4500 in bills.

I could handle it, thank goodness, but it wasn’t much fun to do so.

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Just pay it and cuss.

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A minor inconvenience.

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This morning my washing machine refused service (it’s a twenty years old one).
Recently I came into a little extra cash, and for a minute I thought I had to spend said money on a new one.
That would have been buy and bitch about it…
But fortunately I’m stupid; I forgot to totally close the door.
Still going strong!
(It’s a Bosch, by the way. So if you’re looking for quality…)

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New tires are needed, and it will cost about $500. It can be paid with the debit card, and it’s better than risking an accident with two long distance trips planned in the near future.

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@SQUEEKY2 Probably. What choice do I have? But, hey, that’s life! And the old girl has over 300,000 miles on it, so I guess I couldn’t bitch too much… And I’m hoping it lasts 6 more years, so… and bitching is just so much FUN!

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I would bitch and pay it. It would cut into what I’m saving for a vacation later this summer, so I wouldn’t be happy about it, but it would be doable.

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I could pay it but it would hurt.

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Curse and pay. lol

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Just pay.

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Broke a tooth this week, need a crown. My part, almost $600.00. Also needed an MRI for a separate incident. I don’t even want to guess my part, I have been told about $1200 plus. Truck windshield cracked, cheapest quote $577.32. Bills will come due within the month. Will put on card and pay off later.

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Gripe and pay it. No credit cards in my home, don’t believe in it.

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@rojo I need a crown too, for at least three years I would guess, after my tooth broke off (according to my dentist about 25% of it was still standing).
I stated that I couldn’t come up with the 400 euro that would be my part of it to pay, and asked if she maybe could fix it in another way.
She was very understanding and proposed to built it up ‘from the ground up’ (with what, and how, I don’t know, but I guess with the same material they use to fill cavities), both for my financial relieve, and for her pleasure and ‘fun’.
It’s still standing after all these years, although in the foreseeable future I need to start saving for that crown, I’ve been told (her creation can’t stay standing indefinitely).
MRI cost me around 100 euro, some two years ago (my part).
Never had a windshield cracked…..

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Don’t listen to those who say her work can’t stay in forever. When I was about 19 I was staying with my folks for the summer and broke a tooth. The dentist there put a temporary stainless steel cap on one of my lower molars. I went back to school and never got around to having the dentist complete his work. I kept that cap for over twenty years and umpteen dentists, all of whom wanted to take it out because it was only a temp. I never had a problem with it, it functioned perfectly and didn’t fall apart. What was left of the tooth under it was fine, no infections, no fillings. When i finally relented and let one replace it with a custom fit alternative I began having problems at the gum line. Maybe the new one did not extend down as far as the temp or maybe it went further I don’t know. What I do know is that I went from an area with no problems to one that I have to take care of a lot more thoroughly. Big mistake, should have stuck to my guns and stayed with the original temporary cap.

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Sound advice.
Thanks a bunch!

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@rebbel Why not just have it extracted? With my insurance, it’s much cheaper to do that than to ‘rebuild’ a tooth at 25% viability. You can always get a partial, they aren’t expensive anymore.

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Pay on it a bit at a time, even if it’s just $10 a month. As long as you get something to them every month they’ll leave you alone.

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@KNOWITALL The rebuilding was totally covered by insurance, then.
And about extraction, I’ve always been told that, in that case, the opposite tooth loses its counter ‘rest’.
Plus, at 91 I still have all my natural teeth, so it’s a little matter of pride as well.
Just kidding, 51

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I almost fell out of my chair @rebbel! Dang you man! That reminds me…Rick’s 96 year old dad called me yesterday. I think he has my number in a hot key on his phone because it’s always a surprise to him when he calls me! So, anyway, he calls, and I say, “Hi Dad!”
He says, “Who is this?”
I said, “It’s Val! Rick’s wife!”
Dad says, “Oh! Hi Val! Why’d you call?!”
Me, “Just wanted to see how you’re doing! How are you doing?”
So we chatted along like that, then he said, “Well, thanks so much for calling!”
“You’re welcome, Dad! Love you!”

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that’s sweet.

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@rebbel Oh I see. Yes, it’s cheaper and more efficient (imo) to have one removed and put in a partial. My oral surgeon is a rockstar and my teeth look terrific.

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@Dutchess_III Awwww, how lovely :-)
@KNOWITALL My dentist is a dentist, and my teeth look like a toothpaste ad! ~

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Luckily we have an emergency fund for that kind of thing.

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It would suck but not be a stressful thing. I keep a few K of cash hidden in my apartment just in case.

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I can afford it, but it would be plenty annoying if it was for something that I felt shouldn’t have happened. Some sort of mistake that should have been avoidable. That sort of thing. Or, a bill that seems much higher than reasonable.

For some things I could take it more in stride.

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I wouldn’t be able to pay it. Depending on what it was for, I would either just do without, or try to beg some family member for help.

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I mostly use cash for real life purchases. And I save singles.

That is my singles since the first. They will get merged into “the money I forget about that is taped inside my Air Conditioner fund. No clue what the fund is at now.

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I’d have to make payments.

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@johnpowell Inside your Air Co you say? Couple grand you say? haha!

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Inflation has relegated $500 to nuisance money. This is an age now where meter maids issue $200 parking tickets. The distortions hereabouts are obscene and shift under my feet. For those who would actually find $500 to be a matter of crisis, I truly sympathize. I often wonder how many of those $200 tickets result in criminal records for non payment, confiscation of vehicles, etc.

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Well, it would be tough, for sure.

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