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What do you think of this dental bill ? Average, too high or what?

Asked by Aster (18947points) July 8th, 2018

Extraction plus nitrous $391. This includes his usual $58 for nitrous oxide. I’ve had dentists who do not charge for gas if it’s on briefly. The guy is an artist, though but this bill seems very extravagant to me.

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Obviously, it depends a lot on exactly what was done. Here are some guidelines.

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It was an extraction; not a wisdom tooth and he had nitrous. No insurance.

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Did you bother to look at the link?

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@canidmajor thanks so much. That makes me feel better.

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Fair and reasonable, Cost about that for my teeth. No nitrous oxide though.

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i’ve never had dental insurance, so I’m used to paying a lot for everything. I floss like a maniac. It helps.

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Aspen Dental. It was a emergency extraction. And by emergency I mean they saw me 6 hours after I walked in the office. —- So 321$


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Monday I had a lesion removed from the end of my tongue. Oral surgeon. Bill $864. which included $80. for nitrous oxide.

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From all reports, it sounds like the whole thing was spot on. Good care at a fair price. :-)

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I would argue the price was not fair. Price should not have been a consideration when I thought about alleviating soul-crushing pain. I was lucky I could toss out 300 bucks for help without worry. Nearly half of people in the United States couldn’t.


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Of course it’s not fair, you’re right @johnpowell, I should have said “ a fair market price.” Which does not mean “fair” in the general sense.

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@canidmajor :: I am generally a free-market guy. Let the marked do its thing for cars.

With medical stuff I believe that we have a artificially limited supply. We needed more medical schools 30 years ago. And more things like nurse practitioners. And maybe you don’t need to be a full-on dentist to fill a cavity or do a extraction. Tiers.. Keep the dentists in the wings for root canals.

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I agree absolutely, @johnpowell, I’m someone who has a “pre-existing” condition, pays a fortune for any health care, and has no faith that Medicare will be intact enough to ease my costs…in a year.
I am all about socialized medicine. If not for me, then for my child who has a pre-existing condition and is not yet thirty.

But I can chew…

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This reply pertains only to the last two posts. Would you say that the US Constitution should be amended to make healthcare more accessible to citizens? This can be done by placing more onus on the government—that is, by asking the government to spend more for our healthcare.

To be sure, we need to identify the most pressing areas of healthcare requiring increased government expenditure.

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Reasonable and sensible, Cost about that for my teeth. No nitrous oxide however.

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Thanks for this post. I was about to get my tooth extraction done and I felt my dentist was overcharging me. After seeing this post, I think her cost estimation was fair. I should get it done soon.

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Mine was about a hundred less, and I had two extractions and no nitrous. They did say nitrous was an additional $100 since insurance didn’t pay for it. So all in all, I think you made out fairly good depending on your area and the cost of living. (Milk here is about 2.50 a gallon for comparison.)

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< is a board certified dentist. (Retired) sounds right to me. Was the extraction : simple , bony, impacted, single root or more? That’s how they bill those, and nitrous is usually billed separately.

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Wow that is crazy expensive. Im from South Africa and To think I had a tooth pulled with anesthesia and it cost R800 which only works out to roughly $60..

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