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Do you wish any past members of this group would come back and have you wondered about them, or tried to get them back?

Asked by ScienceChick (3646points) July 17th, 2018

I’ve come to understand that this group has had a decrease in numbers not too long ago. Is anyone who left particularly missed and has anyone tried to get them back interested in the site? Sometimes retention of people is easier than gaining new members. Any members you would track down if you could and get back?

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there is only one who recently left that I care about and miss, but they make their own choices, they know fluther is still here, and if they choose to return I will be delighted.

I have no plans to “track anyone down” to get them to come back, sounds a bit stalky to me.

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Are you a return member under another name?
Sometimes old members do that so it’s hard to know if they have returned or not.
If people leave, I would not try to coax them back. They know where to find us.

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I miss many members that have moved on and am always happy to see a once-familiar avatar again. I have not tried to track anyone down. I have, on occasion, asked others who stay in touch by other means how they are doing but very infrequently.

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@chyna…. do I seem like a previous member? If that is the case, perhaps I should leave now, seeing as how they did, and as others have said, they made their own choices. I don’t believe in reinventing the wheel or wasting too much of my time.

I’m not talking about coaxing people back, I just mean, perhaps taking stock as to why people left. Retention is always cheaper than recruiting and training.

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I miss a few, but no, I wouldn’t try to get them back. They left for a reason and that’s their choice.
Honestly, it’s gotten so left and political it’s not as much fun.

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And sometimes people come back a little too soon after leaving in anger, and spend their time here bitch-slapping and ridiculing others.
I’d rather they wait til they’re over whatever drove them away in the first place.

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As a bleeding heart liberal can I ask why we just can’t all get along?

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@rojo Agreed. I find many liberals to be constantly spoiling for a fight on all mediums from social media to news forums to fluther, etc….I understand it, but I think it’s time to take it down a notch and get back to civil discourse.

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There are about a dozen that I miss, and it would be great to have them back. Is it OK to name them so we can all reminisce?

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Ok with me @2davidc8. Do you need other permission or is that good?

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@KNOWITALL liberals are not alone in their website animosity. They had good teachers in the guise of compassionate conservatives

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Please don’t turn this into a “liberal vs conservative” thread.

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In general, in Meta, it’s not done (actually, I think it’s not allowed) to name names.
Otherwise I already would have stated that I miss @lebber…

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Actually, I’m glad that @6491nairB lost his membership, while trying to procreate with a bear that was disguised as Sarah Suckabee Slanders. ;-o

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I beleive the policy is that you can name names in a thread in a positive light but not negatively or in a query. At least that was what it was.

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I am very glad that the Dutchman stopped flying and returned to us.

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^^^ Me, too. :-)

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I miss a few.

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@Brian1946 I saw what you did, you’re my kind of man !

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Yes yes and no.

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I don’t think that the bulk of the members that I miss the most left recently. Many left years ago. Several of them were very fine people who passed away (so, hard to recruit them back). People leave and come back to this site regularly so I really don’t see the need. Others (several of whom I do not miss) left because they got their knickers in a twist over something. Many others left when the founders became inactive here and moved on the other projects. The reasons for leaving were as varied as the people themselves.

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Is it even possible to gauge whether the fluthertude is dwindling or expanding? I don’t trust my own perceptions. I’m just too susceptible to sentiments around “the good old days.”

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Well, questions asked has generally decreased and the same stalwarts are the main answerers. I imagine johnpowell could tease out some stats if he’s around.

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I miss most of the members who have passed away.

Most of the others that have left more recently, I am in touch with quite a few of them on other sites.

It was a lot more fun, dynamic, and interesting, and a lot more topics were discussed when all of us were here together, but many people felt the need to leave for reasons that are theirs. I chose to stay, because some of the people that I enjoy interacting with, and admire, are still here, and I had always hoped that some of the others would come back. But I am glad to interact with a lot of them, elsewhere.

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I’m curious how the op would be aware of any exodus. I have not participated in any thread with them, where anything like that has been brought up.

My money says that the op is ineed an ex-jelly. The snarky response to @chyna was all I needed to confirm what the q already made me suspect….

I do miss old jellies. I miss every single one. Especially the ones that I didn’t get along with. They made it more interesting. The ones that left willingly, IMO, punished the pond, not the mods, or whomever they were mad at. The bottom line is that the pond is richer with them here, than without…

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There are around a dozen that I miss and think of occasionally. I wonder if they are still “lurking” but I have no contact with them and wouldn’t try to get them back if I did.

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Once a jelly always a jelly. Sooner or later they come back, same form or different. I still have my Fluther mug. What I’m curious about is whether those few I sent Fluther mugs to as gifts years ago are still here. In their original form. : )

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I have a Fluther sticker. I don’t remember who sent it to me.

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I have the t-shirt.

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I got nuffin. :-(

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Hey, @ScienceChick. Now that the topic is at hand, your name reminded me of a very interesting past Jelly called @Girlsofscience. They asked some pretty blunt questions if I remember correctly.

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all I have are my memories, or what is left of them

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WTF? There’s Fluther swag?...

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I don’t believe in wonder or members. ;))

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@TyWebb I put my member between two slices of Wonder Bread. Now my baby got back.

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I’ve been on this site for years under different names. I’m sure people were glad to have me gone, but I came back anyway.

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No. Welcome back.

Whomever you were, Peace n love.

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@Caravanfan So nu – give us a hint!

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:-) That would be telling.

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Michael Corleone has a great line in the last Godfather movie about being pulled back in. Fluther is no Mafia but….no one gets out unless you wanna swim with the fishes. I’d rather swim with the jellies.

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