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Will you be able to view the Lunar Blue Blood moon eclipse tonight?

Asked by Inspired_2write (13248points) July 27th, 2018

Americans will not be able to view it as Europeans will. But wondered if others on this site may be able to view it and photograph it as well?

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Nope. Africa is the best place I’ve heard…

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Netherlands here.
Yes, it’s going to be viewable here, conditions look good.

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Here is a pdf file from NASA about tonight’s eclipse.

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Nope, too overcast here. Plus it is daytime here, too.

May check it out on streaming service if it isn’t blocked by work.

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Only if the fog lifts.

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It would be visible to the south east of my bedroom window in an hour or so but unfortunately it looks like being overcast.

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No. I don’t think you can see it from the US…..although I read somewhere that you may be able to see it from NYC.

@zenvelo I figure I’ll watch it on Youtube tomorrow too. And I’m sure it will be circulating on FB.

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Stupid clouds…..... :-(

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A friend of mine in Italy posted about it yesterday and I marked my calendar. Unfortunately, from what I read, I won’t be able to see it in Florida, USA, as others have said. I wish I could.

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I saw it at 9:30 pm PST. It looked beautiful. It was a glowing coral colored orb.

Unfortunately, my phone didn’t capture all that beauty. My pictures look like they are in black and white.

One of my friends is a nature photographer with a fancy camera. I’m hoping he got some good shots.

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I imagine there is a huge,huge difference between seeing a picture of it and actually experiencing it. . Same with a solar eclipse. I’m jealous @Kardamom. Where do you live?

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@Dutchess_III Southern CA. Turns out my friend, the nature photographer didn’t take any pictures with his fancy camera. I don’t think he even knew about it, but this morning, he posted some nice pictures that he found online.

He’s a nature photographer!!! He missed his big moment.

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My friend in France wrote today that they could not view it although spent time searching.

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You couldn’t see it from Southern CA. That’s what the news said, any way.

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Here are some nice pictures taken from Singapore

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