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Would it bother you if your master bedroom was far from the kitchen?

Asked by JLeslie (56274points) August 17th, 2018 from iPhone

So, let’s say the master is across the living room, which is 20 feet across, and then another 20 feet to get into your bed.

If your bedroom is upstairs, it’s probably the same as having to go up the stairs, and then having to walk 20 feet across the upstairs hall.

Are you happy to be far from the kitchen noise? Annoyed you have to walk so far to get your morning coffee, or late night snack when you have insomnia?

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I can’t imagine why I would care. I don’t go back and forth between the two as I don’t eat in the bedroom. We keep bottled water in an upstairs refrigerator and have a one-cup coffee maker in the bedroom.

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It’s too tedious by far to travel those sort of distances late at night.

Why not have one of the help deliver it?

Or turn your bedside table into a mini-bar fridge.

I wouldn’t wish the burdens of the hoi oligoi on the hoi polloi.

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In high school I had to design my dream home.
The master bedroom had a headboard that was a fridge that opened across the top.

I went all out. Although the master bedroom had a private bath, smack in the middle of the bedroom was a cylindrical shaped glass shower.
There were insets in the walls with soft colored lights for sculptures.

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You’d get used to it.

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No,I would care more being further to a bathroom.

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When I am in the master bedroom, no one is in the kitchen, since that is my domain. However, when I need something from there, I use my intercom and ask other family members to bring me whatever I need. The distance is not relevant.

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I think all bedrooms should be far from the kitchen. It should never be easy to get up out of bed to grab a midnight snack – or watch TV for that matter.

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I mean, we have the staff service elevator for that.

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Some houses have a beautiful little area in the master with a fridge and coffee pot, similar to a hotel room. I wouldn’t have that, but I can see the appeal now that my inlaws are living with me. You could stay in your pajamas, braless, hair a mess, and not have to greet anyone until after you’ve had your morning coffee and a piece of fruit. I don’t drink coffee or eat fruit in the morning, it’s just an example. The braless thing does apply though, I just bought a wireless option to have something on if I need to be in front of my FIL. It just reminds me how I wish I had a guest house and a rule no entry before 10:00am in the main house, and then all doors are open to come and go. Not literally open, but you know what I mean.

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Right now my bedroom and kitchen are on opposite ends of the house and I have never considered it to be a problem. But thinking back, except for small apartments, I have never known a house that put the bedrooms right next to the kitchen. That would seem odd to me.

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^^I don’t remember, are you in America? Parts of the world that customarily have maids, especially live in maids, would never have the master near the kitchen.

In America I see it both ways probably 50/50 in my experience. I actually prefer being close to the kitchen and laundry. If the laundry has a connection into my master bath or master closet, even better, but my husband prefers not to be anywhere near the noise of the kitchen and laundry. He also grew up in a country that would never have the master near the kitchen, but the one house we built from scratch we had the master on the kitchen side, but it was separated by a large pantry and secondary bathroom, and the hall that led to the master had a pocket door so I could close the pocket door and bedroom door to block sound. The pocket door kind of create a wing to the house, but it sounds grander than it was. That hallways was probably 7 feet between the pocket door and bedroom door.

I realize now his parents house in MX the master was up the stairs and the farthest room from the stairs. In all my two story homes the master was first on the landing upstairs, and the stairs always were near the kitchen.

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My kitchen is at the opposite side of the flat to my bedroom and down a flight of stairs. That is OK as I very rarely go to the kitchen during the night. My bathroom is a short distance across the hall. I can almost get there and back without waking up.

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Not at all. Eating and sleeping are very different activities in my life. My kitchen is on one floor and my bedroom is at the end of the hall upstairs. Of course, I don’t live in Versailles.

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No, in fact I like being farther away so leftover cooking smells don’t waft into the bedroom.
I prefer my bedroom to smell of wet dog. (There is actually an odd comfort there) :-)

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All our quarters are equipped with standard food replicators.

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No, as it would be the only exercise one would get if living in luxury.

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I wouldn’t care. My bedroom’s upstairs and the kitchen is downstairs, insulated from my room, which is a good thing because my roommate often gets up much earlier than I do and makes noise in the kitchen, so I’m glad to be away from it.

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This has actually been on my mind lately as I’ve been looking at potential houses to buy. I always think it’s strange when a bedroom is too close to the kitchen. I like my bedroom to be some distance from any living areas of the house. I like it private and quiet. I especially wouldn’t want any smells from the kitchen lingering in my bedroom if I’m trying to sleep.

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If I had the house of my dreams, which would be a very large house, I would probably have a small kitchenette next to my bedroom.
But, in reality, in my little house, the fridge is only 25 feet away.

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Access to the bathroom quickly is FAR more important than access to the kitchen.

In one house I owned, the kitchen was downstairs on the other side of the house – a pretty long walk. In my current house, they’re about 5 feet away.

I don’t think it made a whit of difference. After all, I knew this when I bought the house. So it was a given.

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Of course not.

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