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Anyone else terrified of taking antibiotics? How do you cope?

Asked by tan253 (2869points) August 17th, 2018

Guys, as you know I’m taking Doxycycline. This is my 7th day, sinus infection is gone but Dr wants me to take it 14 days. I really dislike taking it, I’ve had severe anxiety now for 7 days, terrified about the rare side effects, like SJS and brain pressure. I just want to stop taking it now the sinus infection is gone. How do you guys deal with taking antibiotics? How do you not worry about the side effects?
This health anxiety is truly getting the better of me!

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If the bad bacteria in your system doesn’t get killed off by the antibiotics you’re taking, they could come back stronger that ever! So strong that no antibiotic will kill them and then they will kill YOU!!!
So KEEP TAKING IT like the good doctor said!!!

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Surely my body can wipe up the leftovers!? :)

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Here is what happens if you stop taking it, you DIE !

That is serious.

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NO! More people are dying from antibiotic resistant infections today that those who die from AIDS. And these antibiotic resistant superbugs are getting stronger ALL THE TIME!!! Don’t give them a leg up to kill more!

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There was a time when, it was said, that everybody would either know someone with AIDS or who knew someone who died from AIDS.
I have never known anyone like that.
I have met about 10 people who either had a serious infection, or who knew someone with one.
I have a friend who knew a woman in Portland, OR who had a 16 year old son who got an infection in his leg. The hospital couldn’t stop the spread of the infection, so they amputated his leg.
But complications set in and he died.
Think about it! Have you ever heard of “flesh eating bacteria?” That’s what one form (there are others) of what is sometimes known as MRSA. (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus).

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I had a MRSA infection. I was admitted to the hospital, isolated for three days while they pumped me full of all kinds of antibiotics, and performed surgery to drain the infection. Then they packed the holes where the drainings took place with the same packing they use for gunshot victims.
I was out of work for about a month and the whole thing cost me $17,000

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oh wow that’s intense kritiper! Im sorry to hear that…. but antibiotic resistance can come from over use as well…..

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I“m not saying anything other than… there so many various opinions about over use of antibiotics etc… but yes i hear you.

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You should take the antibiotic as prescribed. If your anxiety is severe you should discuss it with your doctor.

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14 days seems so excessive! But yes that seems to be the general consensus!

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Even though 14 days looks like too long but how many pills per day is also important. One per day might be ok. If you aren’t quite ok with it you can visit another doc and see what he/she prescribes for this health issue.

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7 days has not yielded any negative effects right? Your sinus infection was either cleared up by antibiotics or got better on its own. If it was the antibiotics that took care of the infection the risk of not taking the rest of the meds is far greater.

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I have an odd arrangement with antibiotics. I generally let my body fight off infection on its own and I am quite healthy. However, I have had to take antibiotics in the past and when I do, I take them all. I have known people that stopped too soon and the symptoms that caused the need for antibiotics came back again

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I can’t pretend to understand your terror in taking antibiotics, but if there is any way that you can force yourself to continue taking them, please do. You have fought this sinus infection too long to have it reoccur so quickly when it doesn’t have to. Good luck!

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@chyna Hypochondria
@tan253 Been there myself, I know what you are going through and you have my deepest sympathy. It’s no fun and people who have not experienced it have no idea.

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Consider why you took the antibiotics in the first place. Your sinus infection must have proven bad enough for you to accept defeat and take the drugs. Do you want to risk the infection returning because you allowed your anxiety to consume you?

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@tan253 Yes, antibiotic resistance can come from overuse. But that’s for people and doctors that get antibiotics for every little thing. If the doctor prescribes them, take the full dose. We’re all playing Russian roulette with antibiotics and superbugs, so you have to take your best chance, not your worst.

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If it kills the infection, take them all, then do what it takes to get healthy and stay healthy without antibiotics.

If it isn’t working, you can tell your doctor and they’ll prescribe a stronger one. In my case, the first two courses of antibiotics did not work. My doctor wanted to prescribe yet a third course. And at that point I said I’m going to go a different route, so I found a really good naturopath and got myself well much faster than I would have had I continued with his routine.

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Thanks everyone, I will keep taking but still terrified!

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Update: My Dr told me to stop taking the antibiotics! She said since I was no longer showing symptoms and it’s been longer than a week on them it was safe too stop. Funny thing is now I’m nervous to stop!

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^You can stop them now as your doc said. You’re used to them now hence the nervousness?

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