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Should we jellies try to actively recruit some more people?

Asked by JLeslie (65522points) October 7th, 2018 from iPhone

I was recruited to fluther. I guess more accurately Auggie told me about fluther, and once I checked it out I was hooked.

Do you tell friends and strangers about fluther?

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I tell lots of people about Fluther. All the people in my life know about it.

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I tell some, and other can’t believe I like spending time here.

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I’ve told a number of people.

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I’ve told a few people about discussions and liberal attitudes, but no one has asked for the website.

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I’ve told many people about it but not to recruit them.

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I would not tell anyone I know IRL about Fluther. The fact that we are mostly anonymous, unless you choose to meet up, or otherwise share identifying info about yourselves, is why I appreciate this site.

I came to Fluther by way of a cooking website that asked if I wanted to answer some questions about food related topics. I assumed, at first, that I had been directed to another foodie type of site. Then I realized that it was a Q & A site, something I had never heard of before.

I like the idea of Fluther reaching out to new users (strangers) on other sites, but if we all just invite our friends and family, there is no degree of anonymity, and might as well be Facebook.

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Whenever I reveal my participation here to others, the reaction is always one of shock and consternation. The conversation switches immediately to the demand that I defend my rejection of facebook, linkedin, etc and the fact that I have never been to such places. Since I have no (nor require) any defense (or explanation) an udertone of hostility might hover about these conversations, and why be bothered with that?

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Jellies come and jellies go. Letting nature take it’s course gives Fluther it’s unique randomness of members, with their questions and answers.

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Anyone I recruit would instantly be run off by the “Republicans can F off and die” crowd here.

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@stanleybmanly I don’t do Facebook or LinkedIn either. I do use Skype, but certainly not the way they’d like me to. I have family all over the world and it’s my only way of talking to them. I would certainly never use any app for the purposes of social networking. It’s a pain for friends and family who would love to share photos with me through that app but after the hell that Facebook enabled its users to put us through, I don’t see myself doing it again. Snowberry can and does learn from her mistakes!

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@ARE_you_kidding_me Same, it would be amusing to watch that play out, but I actually like my friends and don’t want to subject them to the abuse here.

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Does anyone remember when Bill Cosby joined the collective? He didn’t stick around long…too many sour grapes, I suppose…

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I’ve shared too many things here to let anyone know of my presence. Beside, I don’t want the pseudo-intellectual people I know irl to pollute this site with their Facebook wisdom.

Everyone has a private haven to chill out and this is my haven.

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We don’t want any jellies from any shithole countries.

Northern Europeans welcome though!

I know Mexico sends us the worst jellies.

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^^ Wow. What’s that about?

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^^That’s taking parts of quotes from Trump about the people coming into America.

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@snowberry Because some people make every thread about politics…pure snark ha

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It was definitely “pure snark.”

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Poly (many) ticks. <—- bugs! I’m in! (Snowberry, the bug lady)

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I tell my friends about other similar but bigger A&Q sites since the chances are slim for them to discover my personal information and issue through my activities. I never tell them my account name. For fluther, I am quite aversive to tell close people about it since I fear they will know right away about me. I was a refugee from AB that happened to bump in to ‘dissatisfied’ thread and some people there refered to fluther as a good place and I decided to give it a try. And truth to be told, I somewhat miss the old popular fluther with its more prevalent conflicts and sometimes its out-of-control chaotic discussion.

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Inviting people who seem smart from other forums might prove fruitful.

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“Come all, come all! Follow me into this nice..dark.. back alley! We have cookies and kittens and free hugs and kisses and violent spitroast gangbangs.”

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I’d tell people, but then they would ridicule me for being a part of a forum of conservative, racist, misogynistic, homophobic troglodytes with no morals. Ooh…I can be a stereotypical reactionary too.

Most people I know don’t do any sort of social media. I doubt anyone would be interested.

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I’m just seeing this thread now, but the fact that I’m seeing a reponse moderated for flame bait and another for a personal attack is enough reason not to invite perople here.

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Yeah, what was all that about? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have some new folks join up.

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@Caravanfan That was exactly my point. You know what I mean, that’s why you left for awhile right? Still glad you’re back btw. :)

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Sending an invite to Pennsylvania Ave.

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Invite sent.
I so want him to accept.

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@Patty_Melt Gee thanks. Just what I want, to end up in an American Gulag or cut up to pieces and spirited out of the Turkish Embassy next time I visit there.

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Why should you worry? You are rojo, part of the sea of red.

We want new members. They have to be tough enough to survive fluther bashing.
Let’s see what POTUS has got.

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I don’t think I would encourage anyone to start participating in Fluther

There really is a disproportionate amount of hate on Fluther. I realize that there may be worse sites, but I have not encountered them.

When I first started on Fluther in 2015, there was a barrage of hate and attacks by users who thought I was someone else. There was also a lot of mocking, really for no reason. Most of that was moderated. Thank you, moderators.

On the occasions I have had to flag something, there have been many cases where it has, but also some perverted remarks about my GF remain when asking for advice. I have a relative who has had an account deleted for the crime of using my computer. He would have contributed a lot to this site. I have seen posts deleted for very little cause, but a lot of hate remains standing.

I’m sure there are many worse sites and I do think there is a sense of camraderie here—but I wouldn’t encourage it, either. Fluther is a hard habit to break.

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You could certainly do worse!

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I find that sites with small communities have a harder time recruiting new members. They tend to be more hostile to newcomers and drive them away. I’ve been a long-time member of a fan forum for a certain TV show. Over time the community on that forum has gotten smaller and more tight-knit. When new people join, they’re often berated for posting questions that have already been posted or not following the “etiquette” of the forum, and many have left because of the rude, hostile atmosphere. The ironic part is that they would complain that the site was inactive but then drive away any new people. You can’t have it both ways.

Of course I’d like to see more quality posters on Fluther (that is, not an influx of pregnant teens and people asking for dream interpretation). But if that happens, you’d have to be more tolerant of “newbie” behavior and make it a welcoming place, not a hostile cliquey place.

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As a pregnant teen, could you help me interpret this dream I had last night?

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@yesitszen Your dream means that you are good at sex, and bad at birth control.

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@Demosthenes I actually agree with you. You never know how those dumb teeny newbies will turn out in the future. 5 years ago I was in the same category, and I turned out fine. What they need is some exposure to more mature people instead of the equally teeny friends they see everyday. Only time will tell if they can learn.

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Agreed! X 100.

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