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What to name a sushi restaurant?

Asked by VoodooLogic (724points) August 20th, 2008

In my dreams there is this sushi shop. I’ve been there many times, even in different dreams. I have never been there in real life.

I always enter through the back door in an alley. Inside, there is the kitchen then a booth, you turn the corner into the front bar and the rest of the restaurant.

I think it might act as a sanctuary/hideout from the other plot line(s) of my dreams. Thought it could use a name.

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Call it Raw Dog’s Sushi Circus and Cabaret

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Wiggle Fish

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Touch my tuna

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Wasabi’s Revenge!!

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Sushi Lorr.

There’s been a minor boom in Sushi joints, and all of the requisite names have been established (Extreme Sushi, Sushi Express, Sushi Zone, etc).

Try to leave the word “Sushi” out. Me? I eat it like anything else, but some people really buy into the fact that it’s a rare delicacy that only 4 people in Japan know how to make, so if you appeal to the mystique of it, you might get away with it.

You could probably go for something like the name of a chef that doesn’t exist. Call it “Toriyama’s” and people will be like “OMG DRAGONBALL Z” and flock to it.

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Sushi Tushy?

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Rocken’ Sushi

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Mystique or the Jade of the sea

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@ imcrazy23 – nice ones!

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@ Bri L – thanx, will you add me tou your fluther, please. im new here and i dont quite knoe evything yet so can you explain them to me please?

someone please explain the luvre thingy to me and tell me how i can get more.

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sorry that was supposed to be know.

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@ imcrazy23 – added also, here is a good question for a new starter.

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This ones’ been taken already, but its still great…

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Raw Yuck!!

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Something Fishy

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What’s That Smell?

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Name it after a popular song, like, “If you knew Sushi, like I knew Sushi…”

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smells like…

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Sashimi Place

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Squishy Sushi.

Kidding. I actually second Lovelocke’s answer – DBZ FTW!

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that’s f*cking genius. maybe there’s an internet meme here… – Rickroll: virtual sushi house. =) sending through the twitter universe now…

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So Sushi Me

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How about a nice water name like Wave?

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Welcome to the fluther Vidtree!

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