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What are the nationalities of Fluther's users?

Asked by Vanessa_wn (46points) 2 months ago

I was wondering about in what countries that Fluther is being popular.

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There’s lots of us in the USA. I’m in Texas for the time being.

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Many different countries. I have seen USA, Canada, England, Germany…not sure of how many others.

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There was on Irishman; you don’t see him here too often any more.

And several from Australia.

One from VietNam.

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One from New Zealand
A Dutchman, there have been more
A few from Asia, I think
An Israeli

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One was from Mexico, he liked sandwiches.

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Didn’t we have one from Slovenia for a while?

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There’s one living in Ecuador, who’s an infrequent contributor.

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Used to be a scientist in Antarctica who came on occasionally.

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We have a couple of guys, both very active and frequent participants, representing Canada.

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<<<< Made in England

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There is at least one from Scotland.

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There’s one who has an ovate user name, who lives in Trinidad & Tobago.

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^^^ Do you mean my good friend, @Egghead? Or, maybe you’re referring to that beloved Fluther veteran, @Elliptical_trainer.

I have to admit that I’m stumped by your clue!

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There’s one Jelly from India. She hasn’t been around lately.

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Thanks @elbanditoroso for the shoutout :D

We’ve got one from China and one from Korea, both of them are inactive now.

There was also a Serbian user who I really like. I wonder how she’s doing now…

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Charleston, SC. USA.

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We used to have a user from the UK, who was living in Spain, and trying to jump through hoops to marry his fiance, who was from China.

I wonder what happened to him?

There was also a lovely Jelly from New Zealand that I haven’t heard from in years.

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US with Thai heritage. I lived in Thailand during grade school years.

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I’ve had dual US/Canadian citizenship since 2009.

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We had a few from Hyderabad…

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^^ Oh, yeah! Those guys are the best!

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Most are from the United States of American, but there are jellies from many different countries. You’ll see a lot of Q’s and answers are stated in a way that is assuming it is about America.

I’m American. My national background in my family is mostly Latvian, some Russian. I don’t really feel much of a connection to those countries though.

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Whatever happened to the gals from Transylvania?

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They weren’t.

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We had a young user who was moving around with her family. She was in Iceland at one time, and I can’t remember what other countries. I got a kick out of that, her showing up from an unexpected location.

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Was this user fanatical about nail polish?

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^^ That’s who I’m thinking it is.

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Yes, nail polish. Anyone remember where else she posted from?

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Was the blueberrykid? I miss her. Was it a her? I’m drawing a blank.

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@JLeslie, I think she’s in college now, but I think she was in one place.

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There’s a user from Poland whose last visit was in January, 2017.

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Kansas. USA.

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