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I CAN'T STAND the commercial where the fat, old guy mis-pronounces "diabetes" as "diabet-IS"?

Asked by Mr_M (7596points) August 22nd, 2008

It’s the one where they offer a free meter. What television commercials do you hate?

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That’s a pet peeve for my partner, too. She hates that pronunciation of diabetes.

My most hated is the “have a happy period” commercial – clearly created by an all male staff. There is no such thing as a happy period.

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actually, dī-ə-bē-təs is a recognized pronunciation. Just sayin.

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You mean Wilford Brimley? He cracks me up.

I can’t stand the Men’s Wearhouse guy when he says “You’re gonna like the way you look. I guarantee it.” I just want to kick him in the shins. I can’t place why it bugs me, but it’s the same feeling I get when flipping through the channels and the movie Rudy is on. I just keep thinking somebody needs to kick is ass.

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lol wilford…

this might be just a columbus thing, but those damn lipozene commercials. if you read the fine print, they say test subjects lost avg of 3 lbs in 8 weeks. basically the message is, “hey, your a fatass because you have stress in your life, you don’t work out, and you eat shit. take our pills and youll look perfect” I see this commercial about 4 times per hour of tv watching time (luckily i dont watch much). bah, diet pills piss me off.

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And the Shamwow guy!!!

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The Gieco caveman commercials…. RRRR!

Wilford Brimley pronounces diabetes the way they say it in the midwest. That pronounciation is common there.

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I live in Ohio and I’ve never heard it outside of WIlford Brimley.

That being said, I do know that it is an accepted pronunciation.

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i live in jersey where everything is pronounced….different so it doesnt bother me.

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@lefteh I grew up in Ohio, and never heard it said any differently. But I was near Cleveland, and you’re in Columbus, right? Maybe the dialect is different. Just to be sure I am clear on this, the way I heard it said diabetISS, not diabeEES. Question, (off topic) Do you say pop or soda when referring to a soft drink?

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Yeah, must be northern and central dialects. I always hear “dia-bee-tees.”

I say pop, as do 90% of my friends.

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scamp is correct about the pronunciation being different in the mid west. It is “diabetis” here in MN, (and we are a “pop” state, too). But that commercial is irritating no matter how the man pronounces diabetes- sounds to me like he thinks you can let yourself eat, or weigh, anything you want as long as you check the glucometer.

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I hate the “head on…..apply directly to the forehead…....head on…apply directly to the forehead..,...head on…......apply directly to the forehead” commercials. They are so freaking annoying.

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Feminine itch and odor products. Blech.

Really, are there any women out there that don’t know about such things already? And why must those commercials come on during football?

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What about the guy who sings “Viva Viagra”? The one who “Can’t wait! I can’t wait to get home!”

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cheeb. I’m with you!! They even changed it to say, the ads is annoying but the product really works. But even that annoys me!! Sorry if I am repeating lefteh. The link is restricted on my work computer. I miss all the good stuff now, dammit!

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Haha, yeah, that’s the ad I posted. Where the guy “pauses” the commercial and goes on a rant about how annoying the commercial is but how great the product is.

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It is pronounced Diabeteeeees around the Cleveland area too. I haven’t heard anyone say the other version.

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I say it like Bromley does and my sister pronounces it the other way. Wha about those commercials with Bob? The natural male enhancement ones with his big dumb grin and when it shows the packets everything is backed by wood. It is such a cheezy cliche sexual commercial “”

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I can’t stand the commercial for the lap band procedure. Advertising for elective surgery! “Ask your doctor whether a life threatening altering procedure is right for you…” AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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@shilolo My daughter’s in laws both had that procedure. During the first, the doctor hit an artery with the cauterizer and they had to use the paddles on her. That’s one hell of an ooopsie. They used the same doctor to do her husband’s recently. Pretty scary stuff to be advertising on TV, I agree!!

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@Scamp. Those procedures (lap band and the “full” gastric bypass) are tricky, and made even more so by the fact that the people going under the knife are often not in the best shape in the world (if you know what I mean).

Personally, I am opposed to all drug advertising on TV. I had resigned myself to seeing a million viagra commercials, but I started to really lose my mind when advertising picked up for really complex medical things, like Epogen and Neupogen (for cancer patients) and the aforementioned lap band procedure.

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I don’t mind drug advertising so much. They help inform patients of possible side effects that doctor may miss. Alot of times, doctors write scripts without telling us because of time constraints. For example, if not for advertising, I wouldn’t know about Chantix, and I’d probably still be smoking. As for the more complicated meds, I agree that it probably does no good for anyone but the drug company. But I think advertising procedures is in the same category as ambulance chasing.

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@Scamp. I’m not sure I agree about the side effects thing. Almost always, the side effects are delivered in a stream of talk that is so fast as to be uninterpretable. I’m glad you quit smoking, and that Chantix helped, but there are other ways for that information to be disseminated beyond television. Do we really need constant ads for Viagra and its cousins? Cholesterol medicines? Blood thinners (like Plavix)? And so on. These ads both drive up the cost of medicines (since the companies pass on the costs of these ad campaigns to the consumer) and wreak havoc on doctor’s offices as patient after patient comes in with the most recent ad in their mind, wondering why they aren’t taking Crestor, etc.

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Also, any time I’ve been put on any sort of medication I got the schpeel from both my doctor and the pharmacist when I pick it up.

I don’t like any commercial where I’m being yelled at -Oxy clean.

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I can understand your point of view. In fact I kind of anticipated it. I know how frustrating it can be when a patient thinks he knows more than the doctor. I’m just saying that I have gotten some helpful information from some advertising that niether my doctor nor pharmacist gave me. But you bring up a good point about the cost of advertising. I hadn’t considered that.

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I can’t remember which weight loss product it’s for, but I think both of these are for the same one. One of them features a guy who says something like “My wife says I’m not as disgusting to her anymore!” Wow. I bet that feels good. And then there’s the one where the guy’s like, “I gave all my fat clothes to my fat friends!” Oh, yeah? How charitable of you. After this commercial, I bet they’re not your friends anymore, a$$hole.

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@MacBean: Yeah, that along with the one that talks about the wife losing some weight in her chest “now we’re both unhappy.” Like that would be hubby’s main concern if wife is trying to lose weight. Yikes!

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I’m with cyndyh…that OxiClean guy is so freakin’ annoying. Apparently, he’s effective though, because now he does commercials for many more products.

Regarding drug ads: I find them both helpful (found out about Lyrica that way) and ridiculous. Drugs for minor problems frequently have side effects that (in my mind) far outweigh the initial problem, like death, for instance.

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I had a friend way back when who named her daughter Lyrica. It sounded pretty at the time. I bet that poor 22 year old woman now wants to change her name.

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I see your point augustlan; t is nice to learn the stats of things like how common certain STDs are (I never knew that 98% of all exually active persons have HPV) but some of the copmmercials do drive one mad.

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Commercials… teh damn Skittles commercial with that 1900’s looking fruit that jumps around saying“berries and creme” the student elections at my highschool, sum kid did that and… nah, i dont even want to start… stupid berries and creme.. its a damn candy

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There’s one I’ve just seen recently from Papa John’s for “easy to eat calzones”. Since when did anyone ever think, “Gosh, I’d just love to have a calzone, but they’re just so darned hard to eat”? Could they not think of any better selling point for their calzones? I mean they’re calzones. Is that all they got?

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