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What are your favorite holiday foods?

Asked by KNOWITALL (29567points) December 28th, 2018

My friend brought authentic German stollen to work today and it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever tasted.

What are your favorite holiday foods that may not be the norm for the broader US?

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kielbasa and sauerkraut on New Years Day.

Ham anytime.

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Kerststol (Christmas bread).
Same as the German stollen.
Ate the last slices of it this morning.

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@rebbel I don’t know how I’ve lived life without it. The citrus flavor explodes in your mouth, sooooo good!

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English trifle
Roasr beef with Yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes

Sadly, i don’t get have of these any more although I did get given a box of Quality Street.

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@janbb What is Quality Street?

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It’s an assortment of English chocolates that I like, although it’s kind of like life, you eat the good caramels first and then are stuck with the coconut creams.

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@KNOWITALL Edit: Not same as the German stollen, it seems… ;-)
I am very happy that there’s no citral explosions in the Dutch variant.
I loathe citrus.
I’m in it for the almond paste/marzipan!

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Turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes, all drowning in turkey gravy.

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Homemade cranberry sauce. I like the canned stuff too, but my mom’s homemade sauce is so much better. I have found that a lot of people have only ever eaten the canned kind even though homemade is pretty easy to make.

Here is an easy recipe:

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Punsch – a hot drink of apple, orange, and elderflower juice. Comes with spices such as cinnamon and cloves.

New Year’s cones.

Yorkshire Puddings.

Stollen comes in many different varieties in Germany. People love it, but I have yet to find one I like.

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—@longgone I imagine the most popular ones are sometimes stolen. :-)—

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^ That explains a lot.

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I love gingerbread too, both the cake, and the cookie men. I made loaves of gingerbread cake for my friends and neighbors this year. The house smelled heavenly.

I was out of town for one night, and when I came home, I noticed that my handwritten recipe that I had put on the fridge was gone. My mom said that she gave the recipe to my neighbor, because she had served the gingerbread to her bridge group and they all wanted the recipe.

This is the recipe:

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Not sure which holiday they are official food for but as far as I am concerned any time I get tamales its party time!

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I used to love the traditional English Christmas Cake (I love marzipan too @rebbel) but it has been so many years since I have had any it is just a distant beloved memory.
Where I lived in the late 70’s – early 80’s there was an English bakery that would make them every year. After we moved to a different town we would still make a trip back to buy them but over the years they changed the recipe to make it more palatable to the American palate (evidently marzipan and hard icing don’t go over well) and we ceased making the trip. They became nothing special.

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Being a Chinese, moon cakes, bak chang, and tang yuan are the most traditional holiday food that are made only for the related festive days (which also serves as holidays for our people), you can’t find these food on regular days, which make them feel special and nostalgic. This different from most other holiday food that have been replicated and sold by many eateries where I live, they became common food, they don’t have the holiday feel about them anymore.

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Traditional English xmas dinner, roast beef, chicken, yorkshire puds, roast potatoes & mushy peas.
@janbb I prefer Roses to Quality Street & After Eight mints are also good, about the only time I have chocolate is xmas, call it a little treat.

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@ucme i’m a freak for caramels which is why I like Quality Street bit I wouldn’t say no to any of it, especially the Christmas dinner.

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The wife is a chocolate nut lol, loves dark chocolate especially Bournville.
I’m more of a sucker for raspberry jelly & neapolitan ice cream with a flake stuck in for good measure.

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Loves me some caramels and chocolates!

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Challah Bread

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Pasteles. Flan, arrozo con dulce. Tembleque. Coquito.
Pasteles is a patty that is made of several veggies and meat filled. You wrap it in banana leaf and boil.
flan, egg custard dessert.
arrozo con dulce, A rice ,coconut, ginger and cinnamon rice pudding with raisins.
Tembleque, a kind of coconut jello like dessert
Coquito, a coconut flavor egg nog.

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Right, @rockfan. Nothing beats challah all the year around. I have to admit that challah with raisins is a favorite on occasion.

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