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What can I do with 100+ DVDs that I haven't watched for years and will never watch again?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28171points) February 7th, 2019

With streaming and torrenting and other alternatives, I have about 100 DVD movies that I haven’t watched in years. I doubt I will in the future. All mainstream films from the last 10–12 years.

Libraries don’t want them. Does Goodwill want DVDs? Would senior centers want them? Does anyone even have DVD players any more?

Or do I dump them in the trash?

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Mail them to third world contries that are just getting dvd players. Long term medical homes could take them. You could put them on eBay as an auction and sell the lot for best offer. You can use them as decorations.

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Donate them to your local library.

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@chyna as I wrote, the library doesn’t want them. I asked.

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Goodwill will likely take them.

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Smash rooms would take them. I listen to star trek music on my dvd/blue ray player.

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Maybe a retirement home would take them. I’m sure many of the residents don’t do streaming and that kind of thing.

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Domestic violence shelters?

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Local Goodwills, used bookstores, and thrift stores might take them.

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Maybe first weed out the violent ones and those that make doing bad stuff look like a good idea.

Retirement facilities sound like a good bet, and that’s where I would go first. Also possible: addiction recovery and support programs, jail reentry/transition programs, juvenile group homes, and other kinds of halfway houses. Your collection has to be a treasure trove for someone.

I, for one, don’t watch TV or do streaming. For video entertainment I prefer to watch movies on DVD. I still maintain a Netflix DVD subscription and turn discs over at the rate of at least one or two a week. So I know there are some prospective takers out there.

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I would definately donate them!

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Don’t trash them!

Donate – or ask if anyone here would like them. You might be surprised!.

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And if you find no other takers, post them as free on Craigslist or your local neighborhood free list. Some enterprising sidewalk entrepreneur will take them all, go through them and find out which, if any, have any resale value, and sell them on eBay. And then they will be responsible for discarding the rest, maybe by offering them locally at a lot price. (I know people who do this sort of thing.)

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I sold a whole bunch of them on our local buy / sell / trade.

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You can get $.25 per DVD at a Pawn Shop.

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Have a yard sale and sell those for $1 each.

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You can run a fun experiment.
Do this at night. Put one on top of a tea cup.and place it in the microwave.
Turn off the kitchen lights so the room is dark.
Set the microwave timer for 15 seconds and push Start.
It’s a beautiful sight!

Warning. This will stink up the room but it is totally worth it.


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Retirement homes or assisted living facilities would probably take them. (I know. My mom lived in such places for almost 6 years.) It might help if you could also buy a cheap, used DVD player and donate that along with the DVDs.

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Goodwill will definitely accept them & you can get a tax writeoff for donating them. You can auction them off on eBay by the box…just be sure to put one really good one in the box with the crappy ones & name he good one in the description. Or do a box of a specific actor & name the actor. Start the bidding at 99 cents & just see where it goes from there. Flea markets are popular in my part of the country & you can sell them there but you have to be willing to let them go cheap. Sell them to friends…they will usually be willing to pay a bit more than flea market people will. Have a yard sale & note on your signs that there will be 100s of DVDs available for cheap.

Like you, I spent a small fortune on DVDs & I have a Phillips DVD/VHS player so I can watch when I’m ready.. Yes, I still have some VHSs also. Another thought but I’m too lazy…you can convert them onto your computer before selling them & you won’t need to keep them laying around but can still watch when you’re ready!!!

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Used them and create a DIY project (Do It Yourself).

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A DIY project of….what?

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@LadyMarissa I think his point his that every DVD he has he can now simply stream instead so he doesn’t need to keep them for any reason.

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That’s actually pretty interesting. It looks like music CDs would probably be better suited to a project like that.

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Donate them to the military. They need lots of DVDs.

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Some of the farmers in this area hang them on their electric fences so they are easier to spot when driving the tractor at night.
Also, the flashing from the turning CDs, supposedly, keeps the deer away.

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Now that’s cool, @LuckyGuy! And it would be psychedelic!

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Sell them online. You might find someone like a collector would be interested on it.

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