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In your opinion, do you think that people who Do Not think Donald Trump has any involvement with the Russian interference in the U.S. 2016 Presidental election, are they likely to be the same people who Do Not believe that Michael Jackson molested children?

Asked by Kardamom (32509points) March 3rd, 2019 from iPhone

Or do you think it is more likely that people who Do Not believe that Trump was involved in the Russian election fraud, are more likely to believe that Michael Jackson Did Indeed molest children?

So this Q has multiple parts. First, do you think that most people who believe the first thing, also believe the second thing, or do you think that most people who believe the first thing, do not believe the second thing?

And then, if you care to share, do you believe either, neither, or both of the situations to be true?

I put this in General, because I saw a lot of Modded stuff on another Q that somewhat touched on one of the subjects/parts of this question.

The purpose of this question is not to debate why any of these scenarios might be true or false, but rather to get a sense of what you think other people believe, and then secondly, what you believe, if you care to share that. You don’t even need to explain why.

I’m just curious to know what you think other people think regarding these two disparate subjects.

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I’ll go first. I do believe that Donald Trump was involved in the Russian interference with the 2016 Presidential election.

I also believe that Michael Jackson molested children.

So I believe that both situations are true.

I think that most people who think that Michael Jackson is innocent of child molestation are more likely to be massive fans of MJ, or people that don’t have any interest, and so they only have a fleeting knowledge of the subject surrounding MJ.

I am not sure how many of the folks who believe that Donald Trump is innocent of election interference, would crossover with the folks who believe that Michael Jackson was innocent of child molestation.

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Same behavior, different groups of people.

A venn diagram of the two groups would show meaningful overlap, but both subsets are only in one camp or the other.

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@zenvelo, that was a perfect answer. I would like to see that venn diagram.

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Here’s this one thing. And over here is this other thing. The two things have no connection to each other whatsoever, but I’m really, really, really desperate to make them somehow fit. Even if I must strain all logic and credulity to the point of breaking.

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I believe it is very likely mj was a pedophile.
being not very motivated to follow the story, I haven’t a strong knowledge of witness credibility.

The Russia investigation was completed and revealed there is no evidence of Trump being involved in influencing, or attempting to influence the election through any Russian contact. I believe the investigation was thoroughly completed and the results accurate.
So, on MJ I am non committed.
On Trump I believe he is innocent.

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@Patty_Melt The Russian Invetsigation is not completed, and there is evidence of aspects of the Trump campaign having coordinated with Russian operatives.

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@DarthAlgar I never said there was a connection between the two cases, other than that there was a lot of conversation about both, especially today. Also, none of us yet know the truth about either situation, we only have speculation, based upon our interest, our degree of knowlege, and our different perspectives. That was the point of my question.

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I don’t see any connection.

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I don’t think so. Sure, some people might be skeptical of any accusation of anyone, but I don’t really think the two things are really related. Someone who was a molested as a child might be very quick to believe Jackson was molesting children and also not believe Trump was in cohoots with the Russians if they love Trump.

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NO ONE has found ANY evidence of Trump / Russia collusion.

The Michael Jackson debacle has plenty of testimony and actual evidence.

To compare the two is like comparing whether people who use America’s Test Kitchen recipes are likely to be Scientologists.

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Everybody, please re-read the question, and the entire details.

I am not suggesting any connection between the two situations. The two situations happened to be big topics of discussion in the news, and on Fluther today. Please read the question and the details.

If it helps you, pretend that Donald Trump’s situation is a pine tree that may or may not have dropped its needles, and that Michael Jackson’s situation is a palm tree, that may or may not have lost its fronds.

Do you think that most people who believe that the pine tree dropped it’s needles, are the same people who believe the palm tree lost it’s fronds, or do you think the folks who think the pine tree dropped it’s needles do not think the palm tree lost its fronds?

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@Yellowdog, the point of the Q, exactly, is to find out if some people who use America’s Test Kitchen, are also likely to be Scientologists.

The two things don’t have to be related. I’m trying to figure out if YOU believe that one group, believes the same way as the other group, on completely different situations, that happen to be big topics today, that also have no definite answers.

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So, it’s sorta like, do people that believe the Civil War never happened are the same type of people who believe we will land a spacecraft on Mars by 2043

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I have seen no proof that Donald Trump did anything illegal with Russia to get elected, no.

MJ may be guilty, I have not seen the evidence to prove guilt due to NDA’s, etc….

The only correlation I see, is that people like me require proof of guilt. I don’t run around calling everyone guilty because I ‘think so’.

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We DO know that Michael Jackson at least indulged in a sexual fetish, the ‘Adult Baby’ fetish which is sexual in nature, and practiced it / shared his fetish with children. His preoccupation with children and childhood had good parts—made him altruistic and desire to dwell in the joys of childhood and share it with others. Unfortunately, one of the components was the Adult Baby fetish, and he indulged in it with children. Whatever else happened with MJ, whether he touched the children in a sexual way, or we can only speculate but cannot know,

Trump and Russia, we’ve been getting a steady diet of that one for about three years, so many cannot imagine the narrative not to be true. But there has never been any actual, hard evidence of this. It seems to be part of a campaign to bring down the president as the powers that be had slated that office for Hillary Clinton.

In conclusion,

Those who do not believe Hillary Clinton colluded with Russia are seeing a conspiracy for what it is, and see no evidence of what isn’t there. and follow the very visible paper trail that it was a hoax, admitted by many who were involved in it.

People who go by actual evidence, as I think the above falls into that category, probably reserve judgement as to what MJ did, but know that he indulged in a sex fetish with children. Not the same as molesting, but used children in an unhealthy and inappropriate sexual way. Adult Baby Fetish is a well classified and documented fetish / psychosis and MJ had all the characteristics and practices

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Not the same people, but same mind set “so what, don’t care”.

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