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Does this list of deadliest animals surprise you? (Details.)

Asked by Dutchess_III (39545points) 1 week ago


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Forty fatalities a year from jellyfish.

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Only the fact that humans aren’t number one is surprising.

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Excellent point, @tinyfaery

Humans kill humans every day in every place all over the world—We are the most lethal to our own species.
Many also kill animals just for sport. Don’t think any animal does that,

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I have heard rumors that some insane ones do….like man eating tigers. I’m surprised more wild animals don’t eat us. We have no way to defend ourselves and we can’t run worth a shit.

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That’s why I am so amused by having to face deadlions,

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I’m also surprised that humans aren’t numero uno.

The commentary says, “From shootings to car accidents to military actions, humans are responsible for more than a half-million human fatalities every year”.

What it doesn’t mention are stabbings, beatings, state enacted executions, other types of accidents, etc.

What also surprises me is that I can’t advance beyond sharks on the list when I use Firefox, even with the adblocker turned off.

However, it works with Chrome.

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It looks like mosquitoes and humans are responsible for the same number of deaths…about half a million each.

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That’s where I’m a lucky dude. I repel mosquitoes and humans! ;-D

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I’m amused that elephants kill as many people as lions, and hippopotamus kill 5 times as many as either.

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I think the elephants get abused by us and some of them snap.

Hippos are just assholes.

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@Dutchess_III Entirely agreed about the elephants.

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If I was a circus worker, I’d wear elephant repellent. ;-)

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It surprised me to see the double standard. Animals were rated according to their deadliness to another species (who, in many cases, abuses them), but humans were listed based on their deadliness to members of their own species.

What if chickens compiled that list? We’d be waaay up there, killing 50 billion per year.

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I never had heard of the kissing bugs before. Otherwise, I’m not very surprised by the list. I would have guessed dogs and mosquitoes in the top 5, it would not have occurred to me to put human beings on the list at all, but it makes sense if you include them they are high on the list.

It seemed like some animals they were counting killing other animals? How is that apples to apples?

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I’m surprised shark is the last on the list. And people think it’s the most intimidating monster of all.

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I spied errors indicating that this research is fatally flawed: to obtain better statistics would be as easy as falling off a horse.

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I wonder how many horses have killed humans that way—by having riders fall off.

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I’m interested in more detailed statistic about all those humans being killed by dogs.

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That’s around the world. A lot of underdeveloped countries have feral dog packs running around. They’re probably more dangerous than a pack of wolves.

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I expect that’s true, but I’d still like to see more detailed statistics to get more of an idea what’s happening in more detail.

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This site says most of the deaths are caused by feral dogs with rabies interacting with children.

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@Dutchess_III Interesting! Thank you!

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