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Who wants to thank Ben for Fluther?

Asked by Dog (25137points) May 20th, 2019

Many many years ago Fluther was created by Ben and Andrew and both were recruited to greater things. Ben has supported this site since then and it is nice to visit and see it still here.
Thanks Ben. It is a tribute to some pretty amazing jellies who have passed and some amazing ones who are still present.

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Thanks, Ben! We love it when you stop by, and we’re thankful for all the background work you still do for us.

And thanks to you, @Dog, for asking this question! We love it when you stop by, too!

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Mahalo ke Ben. (Thanks, Ben)

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It’s a cool place to kill some time. Thank you!

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Thanks Ben, for creating a place that show me what true friendship is. You don’t know that you just changed a life.

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Much grass, Ben for giving us a place where I could interact with such great people, including those above me in this thread.

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Although they had already departed before I got here, I would like to thank them for providing a place for me to really develop my writing skills. I would like to thank both Ben and Andrew.

Also, this site introduced me to one of the most amazing women I have ever known, Lisa, or Auggie, or Augustlan, however you like to refer to her. She is one person I would like to emulate. She oozed integrity, and if not for this site, I would never have known her. For that, I am eternally grateful <3

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Many thanks Ben-drew.

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Thank you Ben for twelve years (give or take) and countless hours of time I will never get back but have enjoyed wasting immensely!

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Thank you Ben! Because of you and Andrew, I have met the most amazing people and have broadened my knowledge and acceptance of different people’s backgrounds, religions, relationships and lives.

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Thanks Ben for maintaining the site and thanks @Dog for asking the question.

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Thanks. I have a place to ask questions at the middle of the night that would otherwise bugged me all night.

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Thank you! I can always return when I need help and I appreciate it.

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Well this is a hugely disappointing reaction, so few responses, would have expected the usual landslide of gratitude & respect reserved exclusively for our founding members.
Hey ho, it is what it is…

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Sure. Thanks for helping when Fluther is in trouble, Ben.

And thanks to Ben, Andrew, and the countless jellies who have kept Fluther alive and continue to maintain its thougtful, smart, and friendly atmosphere.

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Thanks for the memories!

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A big thank you!

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Thanks to Ben and Andrew. I’m still here.

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Wow…. @Dog. Wish you’d stay.

Thanks Ben & Andrew

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Hey you! :D.

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