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Would you hire Sarah Huckabee Sanders?

Asked by elbanditoroso (28268points) June 14th, 2019

She is leaving her job as the president’s press secretary, after having pretty much destroyed her credibility and the dignity of the office she held.

Suppose you had a job opening where you work, and she submitted her resume.

Would you hire her?

Would her history of dissembling and lying worry you?

Where will she find a job?

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Fox News is always looking for new parrots.

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Well, I don’t recall any lies. Only that she doesn’t toe the anti-Trump propaganda you’ve come to expect; She sure has taken a lot of verbal abuse and answered questions cogently, even while being insulted or assaulted.

Anyone who can stand up to that kind of jeering and onslaught and remain composure, like at that 2018 White House Correspondence Dinner, which I think was the first time Americans saw just how cruel and perverted the Democrats and theur media is, well, anyone who can take that kind of abuse and humiliation without punching someone, has very good qualifications.

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@Yellowdog of course you don’t. I didn’t expect you would.

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Thing is, she was doing her job. @Yellowdog makes a good point, that despite all the ferocious abuse, she keeps her composure, and she has done her job phenomenally well. I definitely would hire someone who did their job that well. I hope she was compensated amply for her work. If I needed an employee of any kind, I’d pay top dollar for someone who does the job as loyally, doggedly, and unapologetically as Ms Sanders.

Credibility? Bah! a leftist conceit.

Peace and luck

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Only a shameless, soulless human would work for someone like trump that way. In a capitalistic world most employers would compete for her services.

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Of course the Mueller report said she lied, and she admitted it. But some people will never acknowledge it.

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Her job was to lie with a straight face. Now it might be argued that to an extent, it is the job of every Presidential press secretary to lie his or her ass off, but Huckabee-Sanders was up against a thirst for lying beyond any and all precedent. And she was unbelievably successful at it. Her flawless pretense at the illusion that here was a President worthy of the respect due the office will never be equaled, as with a straight face she was trotted out daily to lie unabashedly about the very visible and unfailingly scandalous incompetence and blazing ineptitude that is Donald J. The daily spectacle of this extraordinary woman insisting with the gravity of a priest her visibly and audibly unmistakable turd of a man to be in fact the gold standard of individuals surpassed any acting standard to be found in the legitimate theater.

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Supposedly, she’s planning on running for governor of her home state.

I wouldn’t hire her to walk my dogs, Then again, she wouldn’t apply for the job of walking my dogs; so I won’t have to worry about turning her down!!!

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I would never be in a position to hire her, but as a writer, I would love to do her biography, or just cover a few years of consequence.

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Of course not, unless, as in my answer to a previous very similar question about another former Trump entourage member, she were being hired to come clean on lots of credible information about corruption and other misbehavior, and only then if there were some reason to believe that information would be valuable and not just more disinformation, which seems unlikely.

For other roles, she’s publicly demonstrated herself to be dishonest, has a terrible reputation, and seems to me to be an immoral and all around unlikable person. So, almost surely not, unless her role were to be a mouthpiece directed toward Trump supporters, or a scientific subject to try to understand the their thoughts and feelings.

Maybe for a really horrible job that requires no qualities I felt she lacked.

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When it was my job to disseminate the truth, I lied. I am ashamed and so will retire from public life and perhaps enter a nunnery.

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I’ve got some gutters that need cleaning. There’s a section that’s 2 stories high, and my ladder is pretty rickety…

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Unless she can intubate patients in respiratory distress and put in invasive catheters, no.

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^I bet you could have it in your heart to let her clean bed pans?

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She was just a puppet. And she did here job well, as disgusting as it was.

I wouldn’t hold a person’s political leanings against them, in a job interview.

As part of Trump’s administration, she is trash. Once she leaves, I will put her back into the “normal” category.

In a professional environment, I am mainly concerned about production. As long as she can do the job, I’d potentially hire her…

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I guess it would depend on what job I was trying to fill. I would consider her for any position. If I felt her job as WH spokesperson would be a detriment to the job I wanted done (because of the distraction it might bring), I might decline. But overall, I think she served admirably and showed great loyalty in her current job. She has a calm demeanor and that could be an asset as well.

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She’d be an excellent person to sell time shares to tourists!
“This will be an investment your whole family will enjoy forever!”

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Well, she could assist chef with desserts, for a reasonable, ahem…short term salary.
After all, she’s used to fudging while in the workplace.

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No. It would bring too much unwanted bad attention to my business.

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Agree with Patti Melt but interview her on what it was like working with the President and how it affected her conscience?
The truth would be a bonus, but after ‘fudging the truth for so long” one cannot trust the information that follows.
If willing to lie then the consequences after that is incredibility in anything she may say or write for that matter.
Once one is willing to lie or fudge the truth in order to keep her job in the Public eye then she is compromised and damaged goods.
Her book would sell for awhile then fade out.

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I suggest she look for employment as a spokeswoman for an oil company, who certainly need shameless liars.

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Only if I had a position for a shit shoveler, or a turd polisher, and she was kept away from the public.

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She was loyal and she did a job that very few would want and be able to do. I actually used to feel bad for her. She was made fun of and she’s not particularly attractive. She had to stand there and take shit, answer questions unflappably and lie through her teeth.

I’m sure it wasn’t easy, from an insider standpoint, dealing with the crazy Drumpf administration and trying to cover up for all of his bullshit constantly.

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@jca2 I agree that it couldn’t have been easy, but I don’t know why she did it for so long. There is not enough money in the world that would make me work with trump and put up with all the crap that goes with it.

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@chyna: I thought this past autumn (autumn 2018) they announced she was leaving in December 2018. Then December came and went and no talk of her leaving anymore. I guess they were waiting until they found a possible replacement, or maybe there was some drama around the holidays and they were letting it die down. The thing is, with the Trump administration, there’s constant drama so there was probably never a good time to jump off that train.

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^Yeah. The Trump administration has more turnover, than a McDonald’s…

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In December, 2018Trump declared a National Emergency and there was that Government Shutdown thing. The Democrats in the House of Representatives were vacationing in the Caribbean and refused to meet or negotiate.

Nancy Pelosi was highly offended that they should meet over the Christmas holidays. She said she was a Christian and the holidays were very important to them,

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^That’s the “art of the deal.”...

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@Yellowdog Yeah and trump probably engineered it to happen just when Christmas Holidays were approaching, just to upset The Democrats?

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That hardly matters. It still showed the world the dedication they lack for their jobs and their country.

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I’ll say this for Sanders. She was one of the few people stooging for the fool who emerged from the process without criminal indictment or scurrilous disgrace. Considering the buffoon she shilled for and the bazaar of lies proffered and denied, the fact that she escaped after 2 years of submergence in squalid taint is all but miraculous.

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^Well. Certainly, what most perceive as her morality took a HUGE hit… But that’s not really relevant, in terms of employment…

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