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Asked by pixiequeen12 (137points) August 26th, 2008

I’ve got a picture on a Mac, that I need to convert so that I can see it on a PC. Does anybody know how to convert an XCF to a JPG? (Only free solutions please! I’m a person of VERY limited means! :) )

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I’m going to guess the GIMP as .xcf is it’s native file format.

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yup, you could also use seashore, wow, you must be very very limited to not even be able to search for it

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it is a seashore file. i’m trying to change it to a publisher or a paint file.

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well, you just open it up in that app. and do a “save as..” or “export”...sounds like 1–2-3 to me really

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Yeah, if you can load the image successfully in Seashore, your best bet will indeed be to use seashore to export the file as a jpeg.

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i guess you guys were missing the point (completely my fault bc i didn’t construct the question carefully enough): i wanted to convert the file ON A PC. somebody sent me a file from a Mac. I couldn’t open it in seashore bc i was on a PC… o well! sorry for the confusion

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well, then open it with the gimp, that’s universal, also able to run under windows, so yeah, repeat the steps there

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