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What is the term for gas in neighbourhood coming from the sewage treatment plant?

Asked by flo (12381points) 1 month ago

What is the term for gas in the neighbourhood coming from the sewage treatment plant. It’s not necessarily about what the follwing link is referring to.

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Very strong overwhelming smell the word gas is part of the term.

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The term is gas or effluent. The term for the neighborhood—ghetto, wrong side of the tracks, etc. There are no sewage plants near the rich folks.

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We say sewer gas.

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Noxious gas or noxious odor

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Methane sewer gas?

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Many sewer treatment plants create quite a bit of methane. Bigger ones actually capture the gas and utilize it for other things.

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@LuckyGuy‘s “sewer gas” and @stanleybmanly‘s “effluent” are in Wikipedia, But “effluent” only appears at the very bottom under “Sewerage”. @SQUEEKY2‘s “methane sewer gas” doesn’t appear anywhere, I don’t understand.
And I used Ctrl F to find all three terms here: with None are there. I don’t understand.

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…The link in my post just above post

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@seawulf575 It’s amazing isn’t it?

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